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Featured motivational and inspirational video clips

    • Fill your life with what matters most. This video will show you a new perspective that can change your life.

      Based on the inspirational book Stress is a Choice.

      “Helps you practice behaviors and strategies to reduce stress in your everyday life” – Robin (Stress is a Choice, 2016)

    • Want a winning team? Don’t miss this captivating video that shows ten simple ways to success.

      Based on the inspirational book Pulling Together.

      “Great little book to help build and inspire your team to work together” – Eric (Pulling Together, 2019)

    • Push yourself that one extra degree and you’ll see the difference between good and great. Learn how extraordinary results begin with one small change with this motivational video.

      Based on the motivational book 212° The Extra Degree.

      “Excellent book! Going to purchase more…” – Heidi (212° The Extra Degree, 2018)

    • Attitudes are contagious! Is yours worth catching? Discover 7 simple rules you can use to stay positive with this inspirational video.

      Based on the inspirational book Attitude is Everything.

      “Motivating and timely” – Joan (Attitude is Everything, 2018)

    • Discover the difference ONE person can make with this simple story. Learn how to transfer your entire service culture with this inspirational video.

      Based on the inspirational book The Simple Truths of Service.

      “Excellent tips to share with staff” – Heidi (The Simple Truths of Service, 2018)

    • There’s an old saying that says, “If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is eat a live frog, then nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day!” Learn how you can stop procrastinating and get more done with this motivational video.

      Based on the motivational book Eat That Frog.

      “An easy read with lots of practical advice to take you from mindlessly procrastinating to being productive.” – Sam (Eat That Frog, 2019)

    • The date you were born and the date you died aren’t what really matter. It’s “the dash” – those years in between and what you do with them – that does. This video will show you why The Dash has such life-changing potential.

      Based on the inspirational book The Dash.

      “Everyone can learn from this book!” – Lisa (The Dash, 2019)

    • This motivational video will show you how to develop a positive attitude, reduce stress, attack your fears, and keep your passion alive!

      Based on the inspirational book The Power of Attitude.

      “It has made a huge difference in being able to change my mindset and set out on the path I wanted to pursue.” – Grateful (The Power of Attitude, 2018)

    • Build a positive team by truly grasping the power of teamwork! Learn the nine principles of teamwork used by the Blue Angels in this inspirational video.

      Based on the inspirational book The Power of Teamwork.

      “In my experience and opinion, it doesn't get better than this!” – Linda (The Power of Teamwork, 2015)

    • What would happen if we all worked together towards a common goal, like the wolf pack works together for survival? Find out in this motivational video that shares the parallels between the wolf pack and human behavior…in business and in life.

      Based on the inspirational book The Wisdom of Wolves.

      “We love it so much that we bought three more copies to give as gifts.” – Merry Mari (The Wisdom of Wolves, 2015)

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