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Our personal and professional growth books can help you and your organization reach the next level. We offer bulk discounts on all of our books - perfect for giving your employees the gift of inspiration! My expertise covers our 150+ books on varying topics – contact me today to learn more! What People Are Saying>>

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What people are saying

"I wanted to reach out and thank you and your entire team for the well wishes for the Holiday season and the [Every Monday Matters] book. I just read the first few pages and I’m already thinking of other people in my life that could benefit from it as well, so thank you for the inspiration!" - Scott A. Sides

"I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing you and your team are! You all go way far beyond expectations! I have big plans and plan on continuing our relationship for very far into the future! I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you’ve done!" - Amber Rainwater

"The items at Simple Truths are a cornerstone to reaching my year long themes. Once I have established the year's message, there are always items at Simple Truths to help build upon the theme with both my immediate leadership team and for all members of the school community." - Dr. Michael J. Baugus

“It was an absolute pleasure talking with you on Monday. And, thank you again for placing my order for The Dash! This book is, hands down, one of the best books I’ve ever read.” - Kim Heredia


“We were looking for a powerful leadership book to give to all of our restaurant General Managers at our annual training conference.  We came across The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, and knew that this was just what we were looking for... the personalized customer service we received from Lance was amazing!” - Camille Chavez

“Thanks for excellent service on phone. People like you make the company great. Please convey my message to the CEO of this company for providing such nice and effective books.” - Deepak Kumar

“We purchased these wonderful little books for staff gifts and are delighted with them! We've ordered more to give to our PTO and Governing Board because we feel that they are very thoughtful gifts and are received well by everyone. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!” - Laurie

“Thank you….since the books arrived I have been reading about Johnny the Bagger.  What a great book and what a desire it creates to want to be a better representative of our Company. Thanks for all the work that you do and your commitment to sharing.” - Judy Cheely

“Lance, thank you for all your good work. It’s a pleasure doing business with Simple Truths. I know first-hand that you guys walk the talk.  And, I can respect that." - Brigitte

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