What People Are Saying About Simple Truths:

"I love love these books and use them not just for myself but as gifts. They are short, simple, and share a powerful message." - Shelly Slendebroek

“I have used these products a few times now and I am absolutely impressed with the quality and service provided by your company.” – Rodney Saffer

"The items at Simple Truths are a cornerstone to reaching my yearlong themes.  Once I have established the year's message, there are always items at Simple Truths to help build upon the theme with both my immediate leadership team and for all members of the school community." - Dr. Michael J. Baugus

“We purchased these wonderful little books for staff gifts and are delighted with them! We've ordered more to give to our PTO and Governing Board because we feel that they are very thoughtful gifts and are received well by everyone. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!” - Laurie

I use the books for my staff, and they and I enjoy their content and readability as solid mental snacks for one on a career path." - John Fovenesi

What People Are Saying About Our Books:

"It is a very powerful concept that changes how you look at life, work, and family--don't miss this incredible book!” – Valerie Strawmier (212 The Extra Degree)

"What an incredible book… I plan to order more, as I talk with friends and family.  It’s simply a book that everyone ought to read, if for nothing else, but to help them understand the purpose of their life’s journey.  This book is, hands down, one of the best books I’ve ever read." - Kim Heredia (The Dash)

"Pulling Together is awesome. It is a manager's dream. Being a manager, the first key to success is teamwork. This book is a common sense and a fun way of building, maintaining, developing, and accomplishing success through teamwork." - Mark (Pulling Together)

"This little book is truly a blueprint for making all your dreams come true. Simple, powerful, and very thought-provoking." - Wade Shealy (Goals)

"If you are struggling in achieving anything in life, then this book will help you gain the right attitude for success!" - David Cantu (The Power of Attitude)

"Such a good book that we use it in our Leadership Training Programs" - Kathy (Stress is a Choice)

The message presented in this book is right on target and offers excellent advice in moving your team and business in the right direction for success.” – Ernest Micks (212 Service)

“Great book, well written, the book provides business lessons in a clear and straight-forward manner, while using the characters most everyone can relate to in order to make the point.” – Anonymous (You're a Leader, Charlie Brown)

"I haven't found a book like this that has such universal application for personal and professional relationships.” – Thomas Mason (The 100/0 Principle)

"I'll get the book for my entire team because it teaches what it preaches.” – Mark Rotruck (Keep It Simple)

"This book should be required reading for every manager or aspiring manager.” – Chuck Bokar (You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School)

"Few of us are born leaders but this book shines a light on the path to being a good leader." – Sharon Weaver (The Essence of Leadership)

"It serves as a true testament of the power of a positive attitude and proper motivation" - Debbie Shotwell (Finish Strong)

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