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    Happiness is one of the best feelings in the world, and we should celebrate everything that brings us joy, even the little things. Check out our best-loved happiness videos, and don’t forget to pass your happiness on to others!

      • This video strikes the perfect balance of delightful whimsy and powerful emotion, inspiring you with the power to be your best self.

        Based on the inspirational book In the Garden of Thoughts.

        “Great insight into everyday living. Very positive and uplifting.” – Ann Stangl (In the Garden of Thoughts, 2016)

      • Tickle your funny bone and get your twelve doctor recommended laughs per day! This video is sure to make you laugh out loud.

        Based on the inspirational book Laughter is an Instant Vacation.

        “So great a book to have many great laughs!” – Mimi Mari (Laughter is an Instant Vacation, 2015)

      • If you can’t find happiness inside yourself, chances are, you won’t find it anywhere. Discover your own road to happiness.

        Based on the inspirational book The Road to Happiness.

        “I have given this book out as a gift 20 times. I have received 20 comments back saying that they loved this book!” – Scott (The Road to Happiness, 2019)

      • Celebrate all that makes mothers so special with this inspirational video!

        Based on the inspirational book Heart of a Mother.

        “I loved reading the verses that were put with the flowers... just beautiful.” – Danielle Langdorf (Heart of a Mother, 2015)

      • Celebrate motherhood…the soul, grace, and love in everything mothers do, every single day.

        Based on the inspirational book The Joy of Mom.

        “I buy this little book to go with all my Baby Shower or New Baby gifts. It is always appreciated by the new mother.” – Skyvalleygal (The Joy of Mom, 2017)

      • The beautiful poem by Paula J. Fox. – Jesus the Ultimate Gift – is set to an inspiring, visual display.

        Based on the inspirational book Jesus – The Ultimate Gift.

      • See the wonders of friendship brought to life in this touching video!

        Based on the inspirational book Friends.

        “Beautiful messages about friendship and great pictures. A perfect gift for anyone special in your life.” – James (Friends, 2018)

      • Through the uncertainty, doubts, fears, and worries, this video provides prayers to strengthen, protect, and offer hope.

        Similar to the inspirational book Inspired Faith 365 Days a Year.

      • Capture the magic of the season with these simple Christmas blessings.

        Based on the inspirational book The Simple Blessings of Christmas.

      • See the beauty of a mother’s heart represented as different flowers and shown through lovely paintings in this beautiful video.

        Based on the inspirational book Mothers are Heaven's Scent.

        “Not only were the illustrations beautiful, but the written words were so descriptive of not only God's characteristics but those I wanted to let my girls know they were exhibiting as they raised their own children.” – Anonymous (Mothers are Heaven's Scent, 2014)

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