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    Whether you are currently a leader, are an emerging leader, or are wanting to learn more about becoming a leader, our top leadership videos will help inspire you and teach you exceptional leadership.

  • If you’re going to climb a tree, would you rather hire a squirrel or train a horse? Enjoy these clever and insightful lessons on leadership.

    Based on the inspirational book You Can't Send a Duck to Leadership School.

    “Good support for those looking to upgrade talent and empower others to hire smart and train effectively.” – Kristie (You Can't Send a Duck to Leadership School, 2015)

  • Learn the importance of humor, good habits, leading with values, hiring great people, and more with this inspirational leadership video!

    Based on the inspirational book The Essence of Leadership.

    “This entire book is a golden nugget. Each chapter is a few pages long, which begins with a point, a quote and an insightful story.” – Mary, VP and Mom (The Essence of Leadership, 2017)

  • Leaders aren’t born – they’re made. Discover how ordinary people with extraordinary determination go on to become great leaders.

    Similar to the inspirational book The Heart of a Leader.

  • Discover the difference between an effective leader and an extraordinary leader with this fun video!

    Based on the inspirational book 212° Leadership.

    “We use this book in our leadership on-boarding training…Without exception it is well received, well read and utilized.” – HR Kathleen (212° Leadership, 2015)

  • Get inspired by these quotes from leaders past and present–echoing the integrity, strength of character, and passion of extraordinary men and women.

    Based on the inspirational book Great Quotes Great Leaders.

    “This book has a plethora of information that is motivational to both employees and colleagues.” – Mindycat (Great Quotes Great Leaders, 2019)

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