• Motivation Videos

    These motivational videos will help inspire you to be your best self and to never give up!

  • Engaging motivational quotes to help inspire business professionals, coaches, athletes, teachers and teens!

    Based on the inspirational book Finish Strong.

    “Easy read and actionable steps.” – Jim (Finish Strong, 2017)

  • See the Finish Strong attitude in action with these motivational quotes to help you go the distance!

    Based on the inspirational book Finish Strong Motivational Quotes.

    “Wonderfully Inspiring.” – Lincoln Krochmal (Finish Strong Motivational Quotes, 2012)

  • The right words can engage the brain and bring an idea to life. Here are some of our favorite motivational quotes to get you started – enjoy!

    Based on the inspirational book Motivational Quotes.

    “A must have for positive thinkers and attitudes.” – R (Motivational Quotes, 2015)

  • Do you want to learn how to turn mediocrity into greatness? Start here with this insightful video on how the thinking of the good differ from the great.

    Based on the inspirational book Secrets of the World Class.

    “What a gift to learn this info.” – Barb (Secrets of the World Class, 2015)

  • What’s the number one key to success? Self-control! Here are seven ways self-discipline can change your life.

    Similar to the inspirational book Bull's Eye.

  • Watch this powerful video to truly understand how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

    Based on the inspirational book The Strangest Secret.

    “Words of motivation. Very well done.” – Ken (The Strangest Secret, 2019)

  • Inspire your teen athlete with this motivational guide for building the foundation of a champion!

    Based on the inspirational book Finish Strong Teen Athlete.

    “Outstanding quality. Very inspirational.” – MGD (Finish Strong Teen Athlete, 2018)

  • Fire your passion and become all you can be with these motivational quotes and imagery! This video will help recharge anyone’s attitude battery.

    Based on the inspirational book Sales Motivation.

    “Fun motivating book.” – Sales Trainer (Sales Motivation, 2015)

  • Push yourself that one extra degree and you’ll see the difference between good and great. Learn how extraordinary results begin with one small change with this motivational video.

    Based on the inspirational book 212° The Extra Degree.

    “Excellent book! Going to purchase more…” – Heidi (212° The Extra Degree , 2018)

  • This motivational video will help you get to the core of what is vital to effective time management so that you can get more of your important tasks done today!

    Based on the inspirational book Eat That Frog!

    “An easy read with lots of practical advice to take you from mindlessly procrastinating to being productive.” – Sam (Eat That Frog!, 2019)

  • Discover the ten rules for achieving success in a simple and visually fun way!

    Based on the inspirational book Goals.

    “This book demonstrates all aspects of support and inspiration.” – Maria Garcia (Goals, 2014)

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