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    These bite-sized inspirational videos will help you be your best self in both your personal and professional life. Whether you need inspiration at home or in the office, we’ve got you covered!

  • Energize your day with these reflections and quotes that will lift your spirits and lighten your load!

    Based on the inspirational book First Thing Every Morning.

    “What a wonderful concisely written book for those who love to enjoy the first part of the day, and for those who don't...it may well inspire them too.” – Bruce M (First Thing Every Morning, 2019)

  • This video will give you a lift with inspirational quotes about life from legendary author and inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar!

    Similar to the inspirational book Motivational Quotes.

  • No matter your season in life or the challenges you face, this video will show you how understanding the power of gratitude can change your life forever!

    Based on the inspirational book Learning to Dance in the Rain.

    “Such a powerful message concerning looking for the positive in each situation as well as being grateful for each and every moment we live.” – Jonell (Learning to Dance in the Rain, 2018)

  • This video provides valuable insights on creative thinking, questioning the norm, and taking action to transform problems into new opportunities.

    Based on the inspirational book Paper Airplane.

    “We all need to be reminded of the importance of fostering imagination in every student so as to support their potential!” – Tindy (Paper Airplane, 2016)

  • Draw inspiration from the timeless wisdom of women throughout history and change the way you look at life!

    Based on the inspirational book Great Quotes from Great Women.

    “I am always looking for inspiration and I found it within these pages and these quotes by these brave and lovely women.” – Di (Great Quotes from Great Women, 2015)

  • Discover the secret of how you can live a life of permanent purpose. It begins with realizing that everything we do matters!

    Based on the inspirational book The Butterfly Effect.

    “One of my favorites!” – Bim (The Butterfly Effect, 2019)

  • This inspirational video honors the teachers who have made a difference in our lives.

    Based on the inspirational book Heart of a Teacher.

    “ Beautifully written book for teachers young and old.” – Joy (Heart of a Teacher, 2018)

  • This video is a beautiful reminder to make time for what’s most important in life and offers inspirational insights into what parenting is all about.

    Based on the inspirational book To a Child Love is Spelled TIME.

    “You need to read this book if you have young children or grandchildren.....PERIOD!” – Scott (To a Child Love is Spelled TIME, 2019)

  • Enjoy the unforgettable story of an amazing man who inspired countless people through his basic life lessons.

    Similar to the inspirational book The Simple Truths of Service.

  • A visually inspiring video filled with quotes and stories about success!

    Based on the inspirational book The Best of Success.

    “A number of [employees I had given the book to] commented that they thought the book was a great source of inspiration and plan on referencing it often.” – Jean Raboin (The Best of Success, 2014)

  • Nothing happens but first a dream… This movie is a beautiful reminder that within each of us lies a powerful dream.

    Similar to the inspirational book Own Your Dreams.

  • An inspirational video on the power of perseverance!

    Similar to the inspirational book Create Your Yes!.

  • Life gets busy, making it easy to lose hope. Here is an inspiring message of God’s love and grace in the midst of even the toughest times.

    Similar to the inspirational book Daily Motivation.

  • A beautiful reminder of how important it is to take time to recognize those who have made the commitment to serve others.

    Based on the inspirational book Heart of a Caregiver.

    “Great book for caregivers to let them see how important they are.” – Peter (Heart of a Caregiver, 2017)

  • An inspiring reminder that for millions of women, courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day, giving them strength to go on for another day.

    Similar to the inspirational book Brave New Girl.

  • Enjoy some great quotes and images from the greatest game ever!

    Similar to the inspirational book Finish Strong Motivational Quotes.

  • Discover the difference ONE person can make in this true story of Johnny the Bagger, a young man with Down Syndrome who changed an entire store.

    Based on the inspirational book The Simple Truths of Service.

    “A simple, direct conversation of outstanding customer service… Highly recommend this book; a great investment in people!” – The Boss (The Simple Truths of Service, 2018)

  • The date you were born and the date you died aren’t what really matter. It’s “the dash” – those years in between and what you do with them – that does. This video will show you why The Dash has such life-changing potential.

    Based on the inspirational book The Dash.

    “Everyone can learn from this book!” – Lisa (The Dash , 2019)

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