The Neuroscience of Selling (Ignite Reads)

Proven Sales Secrets to Win Over the Buyer’s Heart and Mind


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A revolutionary way to increase your sales!

Sales is not just about logic and emotion. Extraordinary salespeople are top earners because they understand the deeper levels of the brain and how buyers think. Global sales expert John Asher explores these hidden biases and brain stimuli, and provides tips and techniques to:

  • Increase your likeability
  • Steer a profitable conversation
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Win customers for life!

Discover real sales success and bring new value to your company! Read positive quotes for motivation, inspiration, and success from The Neuroscience of Selling, here. Watch John Asher share some of his sales tips, here. For additional ideas on creating a service culture, try The Simple Truths of Service! If you'd like more training or something to present at a book club, you can take the lessons learned even further when you join Elite Club - all members receive free training presentations.

Inspirational Messages

Quotes from the Neuroscience of Selling

“The most effective salespeople use both the art and the science behind sales to close deals much faster.”

“Many salespeople think the only necessary requirement to get the sale is to offer great products and services...but that is not enough. You must also have a great relationship with the buyer.”

“The best salespeople are not the great talkers - they are the great listeners.”

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  • Hardcover
  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Pages: 168

About the Author

JOHN ASHER is the author and developer of 15 different sales-related training manuals. The Neuroscience of Selling is John’s third published book on sales. His first book, How to Do Business with Western Companies, was co-authored with Simon Guo of Beijing and published in China in 2012 in Mandarin. The book was partially funded by two Chinese companies, Haier and Alibaba. It was a best seller in China and helped Alibaba and Haier grow to global powerhouses. His second book, Close Deals Faster, sold out the first day it was available on Amazon, made the Hudson book stores best seller list, won an international book award as the best sales book of 2018, and was awarded the best book of 2018 by the American Book Fest.

John is the CEO of ASHER Strategies, which has a team of 30 people in the US and China that have trained over 80,000 salespeople from 22 countries. Watch John Asher share some of his sales tips, here. Read his blog post on using neuroscience to sell better>>

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