John Asher

John Asher

JOHN ASHER is the author and developer of 15 different sales-related training manuals. The Neuroscience of Selling is John’s third published book on sales. His first book, How to Do Business with Western Companies, was co-authored with Simon Guo of Beijing and published in China in 2012 in Mandarin. The book was partially funded by two Chinese companies, Haier and Alibaba. It was a best seller in China and helped Alibaba and Haier grow to global powerhouses. His second book, Close Deals Faster, sold out the first day it was available on Amazon, made the Hudson book stores best seller list, won an international book award as the best sales book of 2018, and was awarded the best book of 2018 by the American Book Fest.

John is the CEO of ASHER Strategies, which has a team of 30 people in the US and China that have trained over 80,000 salespeople from 22 countries. Watch John Asher share some of his sales tips, here. Read his blog posts for tips on selling better>>

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