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A True Friend ...

June 26, 2017

Someone wise once told me, "The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of the interested listener."

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Happiness Is an Inside Job

June 4, 2017

On one trip about ten years ago, I was making conversation with the taxi driver, asking him my usual questions about how he came to live where he lived. Then I asked him a hypothetical question: "If you could live anywhere in the world—and if money was no object—where would you live?" His answer surprised and humbled me.

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Get Your Priorities in Order

May 14, 2017

We don't do the things we know are good for us because we are so busy taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. The problem isn't lack of information—we have plenty of information about the importance of sleep, healthy foods, and exercise. The problem is how we prioritize our lives.

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How One Person Can Make a Big Difference

May 2, 2017

One person CAN make a difference, one action CAN transform a relationship, one word CAN change the conversation—just ask Lisa Hammond. She was a struggling small business owner who received encouragement from an unexpected source at precisely the right time.

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The Princess and the Criminal

April 3, 2017

Once upon a time in ancient China, there lived a beautiful princess...

When do you feel good about yourself? Simple, daily acts like washing your car or letting someone else go ahead of you in the checkout line can make you feel downright virtuous. And that's the point. If you want to feel good about yourself, do something to trigger that feeling!

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