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    What Is Your Pebble?

    December 17, 2017 8450 Views 1 comment

    Everyone has had a pebble in his or her shoe. You may have one or two now. It's the small, nagging thoughts that eventually weigh you down. Some pebbles have been hidden, undetected for years...

    Get Up And Win The Race

    September 6, 2017 3535 Views No comments

    The important number is ONE. Get up one more time than you fall.

    Perfectionists, Treat Yourselves More Kindly

    August 14, 2017 6605 Views No comments

    Are you a perfectionist? You probably are, like most of us, but to make sure, think about how you've handled specific situations as you reflect on these questions...

    The Push: Unleashing the Power of Encouragement

    July 28, 2017 5651 Views No comments

    There remained one final task...the push. The eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom. Until her children discovered their wings, there was no purpose for their lives.

    Practice Happy!

    June 28, 2017 3511 Views No comments

    Packed with creative prompts, wacky ideas, and hip crafts/activities, this is the ultimate happy-making pick-me-up.

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