Forming and Maintaining a Mastermind Group

Forming and Maintaining a Mastermind Group

Forming and Maintaining a Mastermind Group

Step One: Adopt a Definite Purpose

  • The first step is to adopt a Definite Purpose as an objective to be attained by the alliance, choosing individual members whose education, experience and influence are such as to make them of the greatest value in achieving that
  • There isn't any use in forming a Master Mind Alliance just to have someone to chat with. It will soon play out if you don't have a strong motive behind it, and it's up to you to plant that motive in the minds of the group
  • Your allies for this group should be chosen for their ability to help you get to where you are going. Do not choose people simply because you know them and like them. I have found out by experience that merely because you like a person is no reason whatsoever to have him as a member of your economic Master Mind Alliance. It is all right to have such a person in your social or purely personal alliance, where his contribution may simply be this very friendship you
  • You should make a careful analysis of your purpose and list the items you will need for its attainment and then systematically go about supplying the links with which to forge the chain. Each member of the alliance should make some definite, distinctive, unique contribution to the overall
  • In making your selection of allies for this economic group, you may have to be a little "cold blooded" at first. It is no easy job to select the right members. You may have to choose and eliminate until you get the right ones. This is costly in time and money. You should be guided in your choice by the things you need which you do not already have. If it is money you need to finance the deal, you must find a person who has the money to invest. No matter what nice people you know who would like to work with you, if they don't have any money they cannot really make the particular contribution to the alliance you need.
  • Of course, you don't take the first person who answers the major requirement, unless they also possesses the other necessary attributes. The qualifications of membership in a Master Mind Alliance are very exacting. Consider each candidate for membership in the light of their ability, personality, and willingness to cooperate with you. I cannot overemphasize the necessity for harmony, if it is going to be a successful

Step Two: Determine Benefits

  • Determine what appropriate benefit each member may receive in return for their cooperation in the alliance. At this point review the nine basic motives which I termed the alphabet of success. Base your appeals for cooperation on one or more of these motives. I can tell you ahead of time which motive will have the greatest appeal and I'll bet you can guess it yourself.
  • You're right! It's the desire for material wealth, or profit. If you make a profit, be willing to divide it with those who help you. Be not only fair, but generous with them, and the more generous you are with them, the more help you will get from them. Remember the principle of going the extra mile. What a pity that not all businesspeople know about that! One of my purposes in life is to see that they learn about

Step Three: Reveal Your Plan

  • Establish a definite place where the members of the alliance will meet, have a definite plan, and arrange a definite time for the mutual discussion of the plan. You will recall the importance of a plan in connection with your Definite Major Purpose. Well, this is the time and place to reveal that plan to those who are your friends and harmonious associates, who will have a community of interest in the success of the venture. You may think your plan is very good, but before you get through discussing it with your allies you will undoubtedly modify it until you hit upon the perfect
  • When you have established rapport between your mind and the minds of others in your Master Mind Alliance, you will find that ideas will flow into the minds of each of the members and likewise into your own mind. When the Master Mind is in effect, it produces ideas that would not come to your mind alone. I have had that experience many times when sitting in on the many groups of which I am a member on a consulting
  • The Round Table discussion will be the place where everyone meets, and where each member may speak with confidence. They all see what's on the table. You have no secrets in such a group, which results from the care with which you select
  • It is important that frequent and regular contacts be made between the members. Indefiniteness on this point, or utter neglect, will bring defeat. You must keep in almost continuous contact with the other minds of the group if you are to get the full benefit of them. Meetings should be scheduled often, and telephone numbers exchanged, so that it is possible within a few minutes to discuss any sudden development with the

Step Four Maintain Harmony

  • It is the burden of the leader of the alliance to see that harmony among all the members is maintained and that action is continuous in the pursuance of the Definite Major Action or work is the connecting link between desire, plan, and fulfillment.

Step Five: Blending of the Mind

  • The watchword of the alliance should be Definiteness of Purpose, Positiveness of Plan, backed by continuous perfect harmony. The major strength of such an alliance consists in the perfect blending of the mind of all members. Jealousy, envy or friction, as well as lagging of interest on the part of any member, will bring defeat unless he is removed at

Step Six: Find Your Number

  • The number of Individuals in an alliance should be governed entirely by the nature and magnitude of the purpose to be attained. If you are going after a purpose comparable to that of Mr. Edison's you will require a large number of persons with special talents and training. A lesser undertaking will call for a correspondingly smaller group. In general, it is better to have as few members as possible, because it will be that much easier to maintain harmony among them.

The Relationship of the Master Mind Principle to Other Principles of This Philosophy

This is how the master mind principle interlocks with certain other principles of this philosophy:

  1. Definiteness of purpose, the starting point of all achievement. It is the first thing you must have in creating and maintaining a master mind.
  2. You must have personal initiative. In other words, you must take the lead. You can't wait for somebody else to come along and help you out. For example, in developing this philosophy it was necessary to find out who had certain knowledge, and then go after him to get it. We had to take the initiative, which sometimes meant traveling a great deal in order to secure the collaboration of a successful man.
  3. Applied faith. There cannot be a master mind in the true meaning of the term without applied faith. Faith is a necessary foundation to harmony. And continuing applied faith in the possibility of achievement is essential to final success.
  4. The principle of going the extra mile. You will be surprised how easy it will be to obtain cooperation from others when you follow the habit of going the extra mile. The mental attitude you show when you go the extra mile will cause others to help you.
  5. Self-discipline. You cannot have a real master mind until you learn to discipline yourself. Learn to control yourself before you try to control others. One of the most difficult jobs you will encounter is to discipline yourself to concentrate on your definite major purpose, excluding all other ideas from your mind. You cannot succeed in life by scattering your forces and trying to do a dozen things at the same time. You have to concentrate on one thing. Even then a lifetime may be too short to realize a major purpose completely.

Remember: the first step to take toward a successful master mind alliance is to get on good terms with yourself. Do some master minding with your other self until you are thoroughly acquainted with each other. This is one alliance you cannot do without.


- Napoleon Hill Foundation, author of Lessons on Success

November 16, 2020
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