Customer Service Four Book Gift Set

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Customer Service is an attitude! Reinforce your service culture with this four book gift set. Each book has an unforgettable message and makes a great meeting takeaway!

Included in this Set:

The Simple Truths of Service by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz —Johnny is young man living with Down Syndrome who changes the culture of a grocery store by being creative and giving the customers more than they expect. He puts his own personal signature on each and every interaction. Read about Johnny plus other great customer service stories. Your customer service team will be bursting with new ways to make your company stand out from the crowd.

The How of Wow
by John Murphy — It seems that the secrets behind world-class service are often just that—secrets! But in The How of Wow!, award-winning author John J. Murphy shares ten secrets behind world-class service.

The 100/0 Principle by Al Ritter — Simply put, The 100/0 Principle by Al Ritter is a book that can benefit anyone but is especially useful for any business. Simply put, you can learn how to give 100% to every relationship, customer contact included, and expect nothing in return, although Ii think you'll find most people will rise up to meet you.

212º Service —Mac Anderson Someone once said, “Life is like a game of tennis. The player who serves well seldom loses.” The same can be said for any business on the planet. There are many books written about service, however, our goals in this one is to keep it simple. 212º Service presents 10 simple, but engaging rules of service that can be read by every member of your team in less than 30 minutes.

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