Your Fear Process

January 31, 2022
Break Free of Fear WIthout Needing to be "Fearless"

I’ve discovered a six-stage process to facing a fear—ANY fear. It doesn’t matter how many fears you face; we all go through the same process over and over again.

Stage 1: Discovery! You realize you want to do something.

Stage 2: You try to talk yourself out of it.

Stage 3: You decide to do it.

Stage 4: “What did I get myself into?” (the “WTF am I doing” stage). Let’s pause at this stage…

From The Hello, Fears Challenge, Day 62:

Today, your challenge is to think of a time when you faced a fear and write down your process. When did you realize you were afraid or uncomfortable doing that thing? Did you go into the denial stage without even realizing it? What made you go into the determination stage, and what action steps did you take there? Describe your “WTF am I doing” stage and what helped you overcome it. Write about the action stage next; how was it? How did you celebrate?


- Michelle Poler, author of The Hello Fears Challenge

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