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    Who's your Johnny?

    September 26, 2007 2463 Views

    If you haven't already seen it. Watch our short movie on The Simple Truths of Service. It will change the way you think about customer service. I got this e-mail from a reader yesterday. They've got their own "Johnny" who keeps people coming back to their store. Who's your Johnny?

    I was inspired to write to Simple Truths after a friend sent me the story of "Johnny the Bagger." We too at Country Mart, where I work as a night manager, have our own Johnny the bagger. His name is Kenneth (some call him slow), but I call him a drop of sunshine.
    Kenneth work as a bagger, carry out, and stocker, and just warms customers hearts with his innocence and caring ways. He greets each customer with "And How are You today?" Then he proceeds to tell them what he is up to lately, never knowing a stranger or failing to greet each and everyone the same.
    Kenneth has been working at our store for quite some time and the customers know him. They choose the line he is bagging for and ask where he is if they don't see him. He always greets them with his warm smile and great attitude!
    I personally call him my sweety! He has even come back to the store at night when I am closing up to check to see if I need a ride home from work.
    That is just Kenneth, always concerned with others and their needs! Some people tease him and know Kenneth can be very gulible. Sometimes they try to play tricks on him, but he comes to me and asks me if what they said to him is true. His comment is always "Oh Really!"
    Kenneth warms my heart and makes my day. We all need to have more Kenneth's (or Johnny's) in our daily lives. Few people have the caring ways that Kenneth has. We need to remember the simple things in life are the most important.
    So next time you enter the check out line at your local grocery store, remember Kenneth and think, "How are you today!" and smile.
    Eileen Weathermon, Country Mart Grocery Store, Savannah, Missouri

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