The Perfect Filing System is One You Will Use

August 22, 2022
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I hear you out there...shuffling through piles of paperwork, looking for your tax documents and wishing you’d made that time to declutter and organize back in January so you could actually find what you are looking for today. Well, it’s never too late to start making changes so next year goes more smoothly. And bonus, you’ll gain a more usable “office” all year too!

Instagram seems to be an endless shame parade of perfectly organized pantries, offices and closets. That may not be you. You may be homeschooling your kids. You may be working from home. You may be dealing with A LOT of stuff. So, don’t create a filing system to make your desk look perfect, create one you will actually use, that helps you get the paper off your desk (or your dining room table)!

Have you already made a filing system, but everything stays on your desk anyway? Don’t force yourself into the same rigid system that exploded two weeks after the last time you made yourself organize. Find the way that works for you, that you can keep up.

Even if you file everything alphabetically, or into a handful of general categories, or everything by month, if it works for you, it’s perfect. It’s not just about getting stuff OFF the desk. You also have to be able to put your hands on it when you need it. Sometimes the more elaborate system you think you should have just means more places to look when you’re trying to find something. When something’s not working, it’s best to find simple solutions.

Tracy’s Tip:

Is your paperwork in the kitchen or dining room since you don’t have an office? Put filing cabinets in a corner that you can drape with a matching tablecloth when you have people over and transform them into an instant sideboard!

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