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Want to Tap into Your Heart Power?

December 26, 2022

Insights from our heart can help us uncover what has stopped us from moving forward in our lives, transform the way we think and feel about people, and stir up yearnings we might have buried for years -- desires that lead us to living our dreams.

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Move Through Fear and Experience the Extraordinary

December 19, 2022

I started out, walking briskly, crossed the road to the trail, but my fear accompanied me. I couldn't shake it. I practiced "mindful walking" to open my senses and focused on what was before me. I heard the sounds of the crow and smelled the aroma of the trees and fresh moss.

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Want to Worry Less and Achieve More?

December 12, 2022

Your instincts and judgments are good. Pick your issues and go with what you believe is right. Once you make a decision, don't second-guess yourself. It's not a productive use of your energy.

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More Time for Me

December 5, 2022

So often when the new year rolls around, we make resolutions that don't stick. How do we change that troublesome pattern?

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Warning Signs That You Have an Unhealthy Relationship to Feedback

October 24, 2022

If someone called you and said they wanted to have a chat to give you some feedback, and you’re like most of the population, you would likely assume the worst.

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