Strive Each Day to Finish Strong and Have No Regrets

October 5, 2020

Finish Strong is more than a’s an attitude. For me it has also become a way of life. I discovered the power of choosing to Finish Strong when I began my career in sales. I struggled to tremendously in the early days. You’ll read about this experience in my chapter called “Keep Clip’n Along”. I discovered that it’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s how you choose to respond that does. I made a personal commitment to look adversity in the eyes and to keep moving forward in the direction of my goal regardless of the outcome. I knew that if I gave 100% of myself to the end, that I would rest easy at night know that I Finished Strong.

The Finish Strong attitude helped propel my career to amazing heights. But more than that, it changed my entire approach to living. The attitude began to take over other aspects of my life: spiritually, sports, friendships and more. Choosing to Finish Strong has not only help me succeed professionally, but also personally and spiritually. It has made me a better father and friend. I wrote Finish Strong to help others become empowered to enhance and change their lives too. We’re all running the same race and we all have the same finish line. I strive each day to Finish Strong, giving no chance to having regrets. I plan on taking my last breath on this earth knowing that I did indeed, Finish Strong. My wish for you is to do the same.

-Dan Green, author of Finish Strong

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