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August 15, 2022
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One product of decluttering (along with your new fabulously liveable home!) is a lot of stuff going out the door for good. When you’ve been decluttering as long as I have, you come to know a lot about keeping that stuff out of the trash bin. Check out my list of 15 things you didn’t know you could recycle. And, I’m a huge proponent of all three “R”s, so in addition to these recycling tips, I’m including some “reduce” and “reuse” inspiration as well!


Can you borrow it? Can it be mended? Are you buying it for now, or a half size smaller than now? Are you buying this to impress or attract someone?

Get inspired to stay streamlined with these great “buy nothing” groups on Facebook here and here.


Are your storage shelves not right? You’d be surprised how much you have that can be adjusted to fit your needs! Moving? Your local liquor or grocery store probably puts out dozens of boxes a night. Need something? Before you buy, check the free stuff section on Craigslist. You’ll be amazed how much there is that you can reuse without purchasing new.

And when you won’t use something, someone else often will. Check out these LA community fridges for sharing food and beverages. Not in LA? Search for community fridges and food pantries near will usually find several!


Be sure to check your local county or municipality for info specific to your area - many of the items below can be recycled right through your waste/recycling pick up, or via a special pick up arrangement. For old medications, makeup and toiletries, try calling women’s shelters near you.

Many Goodwill locations now accept e-waste (check your local store), and Target, Apple and Microsoft all have trade-in programs for old electronics.

Denim clothing can be dropped off for recycling at several retailers. Check out locations at Blue Jeans Go Green, and bras can be recycled here. Recycling corks is great for the planet! Many Whole Foods locations have drop boxes and others can be found at Cork Forest.

Many local organizations will take unwanted crayons (and other items). Reach out to city arts programs, hospitals, homeless shelters, orphanages and low-income daycares. If you can’t find a home for them there, you can recycle them here

Find even more info in my Recycling Resources Guide.

Tracy’s Tip:

If you find yourself buying stuff to impress or attract others, try this mantra:

“I can meaningfully connect with people without acquiring anything. In fact, I am a valuable person without any possessions at all.”

It may not feel true for you right away, but that disconnect is what prompts you to try to make it true, which will shift your belief.

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