New Technology for Selling Virtually

December 6, 2021

Keeping up with technological advancements is part of the job for most business roles. It can be hard to reach customers in the absolute best way possible if you’re not closely watching the ever-changing technology landscape. Some tools are specific to the craft of selling, and as virtual selling has put an especially large emphasis on the use of technology, salespeople should learn and implement these tools into their processes as soon as possible. 

Voice Vibes

Have you ever listened to a presenter that failed to capture your attention because of their monotone voice? Presentation content is important, and even the most interesting material can be overshadowed by an unengaging voice. 

The truth is, the best salespeople are expert communicators. To achieve this advanced level of communicating, you must assess all aspects of communication, including how you talk. Failing to speak in an appealing manner is a missed opportunity, consumers might immediately dismiss you and what you are selling if your voice is lacking variety, volume, or a proper tone. This is especially important with virtual selling as there is even more attention focused on one’s voice. 

If you are wondering how to accurately assess your speaking abilities, the handy technology provided via Voice Vibes is made to do exactly that. This tool analyzes the sound of your voice to determine how effectively you speak. It listens to you intently and predicts how an audience would perceive your voice. From there, you can learn how to alter your voice and ultimately make the best impressions. Whether it be a minor tweak or something that takes more practice, this tool will help you reach your full virtual selling potential.


LinkedIn in itself isn’t a new technology but there are innovations and features within this tool that should be used regularly. Sales Navigator is one of those tools, and salespeople should become quite familiar with it if they aren’t already. This multifaceted tool offers specialized search features and unique ways to connect with others, it goes way above the basic capabilities of LinkedIn. Sales Navigator does have an additional cost but, ‘the value of lead suggestions, enhanced searching, and monitoring activity at the individual and organization levels all make the investment well worthwhile” (Altman, 2015). 

Optimizing AI Use

Artificial Intelligence has presented itself as a powerful tool. In many circumstances, the analysis provided by AI tools is a major time saver. For example, “Salesforce’s Einstein AI technology can predict which customers are most likely to generate more revenue, and which are most likely to take their customers elsewhere,” (Marr, 2020). This information can be a shock to the process of prospecting and to the sales system overall. By spending less time on building relationships that are destined to go nowhere, sales professionals can focus their attention on things that are more likely to lead to a sale. This is only one example of the magic of AI, many other business tools have AI capabilities that should be reviewed and implemented. 

- John Asher, author of The Future of Sales


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