Embrace the Unknown

January 3, 2022
Break Free of Fear WIthout Needing to be "Fearless"

The goal of The Hello, Fears Challenge is to help you push the boundaries of your own fears and your own goals and help you become a braver person. I believe the challenges are best taken one at a time, one day at a time, so that’s how I have set them up, but feel free to do them at your own pace! So long as you are moving forward in the challenge, there’s no specific timeline or metric you need to accomplish. This journey is all about YOU. YOU deserve to be living your best life, and if all that’s stopping you is YOUR FEAR, we can find a solution to that together! So to start, you have to ask yourself: What’s the BEST that can happen?

From The Hello, Fears Challenge, Day 2:

Your challenge today is to embrace an unknown! Try something you’ve never done before but you’ve always dreamed of doing. It could be as simple and silly as singing a song at the local karaoke bar or wearing a top you’ve always admired but never thought you could pull off. Or it could be something bigger and more vulnerable, like giving someone in your life that talking-to you have rehearsed countless times in your head. Whatever you choose, write out what emotions and experiences you LET IN by embracing the unknown!


- Michelle Poler, author of The Hello Fears Challenge

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