Revolutionize Teamwork + Training Presentation

How to Create and Lead Accountable Teams. Downloadable Training Presentation Included with Order.

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Published: March 2019
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Published: March 2019
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Book + Downloadable Training Presentation Now Available!

Taking a page from Facebook, Eric Coryell has developed a teamwork model that creates trust, success, and true accountability. How? By redefining your team’s model to be customer facing as opposed to reporting up! 

Revolutionize Teamwork is a quick Ignite Reads book packed with valuable information that shows you how to create and lead accountable teams built on shared trust. Using the principles Eric outlines in this book leads to teams that are better able to make decisions and are motivated by group success. In addition to the book, you will also receive a downloadable training presentation (Revolutionize Teamwork Training Preview) that takes the lessons learned a step further and can be used to present at a book club, team meeting or lunch and learn!

If you would like to receive the training presentation for free, join Elite Club - members receive all training presentations for free! Read positive quotes for motivation, inspiration, and success from Revolutionize Teamwork, here. Learn more about why Eric Coryell wrote this book, including what he hopes you'll get out of it, with this author Q&A>>. Need more help getting this change started? Try Change Is Good...You Go First!

Inspirational Messages

Quotes from Revolutionize Teamwork:

“A shared fate is the engine of every team. Without it, no team will function under pressure, and its members have little to no chance of ever being an accountable team.”

“Trust is the foundation of all teams.”

“What makes a team accountable is that they choose to work together on the issues that are getting in the way of them delivering on the desired results.”

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