88 Days to Any Goal + Training Presentation

How to Get Crazy Results - Fast. Downloadable Training Presentation Included with Order.

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Published: August 2019
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Book + Downloadable Training Presentation Now Available!

Achieve your personal goals - whatever they may be - with 88 Days to Any Goal. Magic happens during those 88 days, and this thrilling read can be the beginning to your Massive Success!

After starting from zero and building an extraordinary senate seat political campaign in 90 days, Dr. Rollan Roberts realized that while you can spend years, even decades, struggling and grinding along trying to:

  • Earn a massive income
  • Build a massive business
  • Accomplish a massive dream
  • Achieve massive attractiveness

...and never get there... there IS another way. 88 Days to Any Goal is about doing the right thing for 88 straight days - day in, day out, with 100% focus, purpose, and passion. When you are fully committed, that’s where the magic happens. In addition to the book, you will also receive a downloadable training presentation (88 Days to Any Goal Training Presentation Preview) that takes the lessons learned a step further and can be used to present at a book club, team meeting or lunch and learn!

If you would like to receive the training presentation for free, join Elite Club - members receive all training presentations for free! Read positive quotes for motivation, inspiration, and success from 88 Days to Any Goal, here. Need more motivation to get started? Try 212 The Extra Degree!

Inspirational Messages

Quotes from 88 Days to Any Goal:

“The honor is in finding something worthwhile and fully committing to whatever you've chosen to pursue - win or lose.”

“Winning is a habit. So is losing. Winners don't make a habit of losing.”

“Do not wait for Monday. Do not wait for the first of the month. Do not wait for January 1. Start now.”

“It's time to give yourself permission to be everything you were meant to be.”

“Goal setting that focuses on outcome instead of process and behavior is why people lose.”

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