The Pebble in the Shoe

5 Steps to a Simple and Confident Life

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Published: April 2013
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What’s holding you back from business success, marital bliss, or parenting nirvana?

More than likely it’s under the radar or below the surface of what you think. Maybe, it’s like a pebble in your shoe that’s irritating, uncomfortable, nagging, and eventually crippling. In The Pebble in the Shoe, author Jim Fannin tells a simple story where you’ll learn how a seemingly undetectable pebble can stop you from achieving your fullest potential.

Some pebbles are lodged only in your business shoes. Some reside in your house slippers that you tuck under your bed. Some pebbles find their way into your golf shoes, while others form in the shoes worn while you parent. Unfortunately, some pebbles travel in all your shoes regardless of where you walk or run.

In The Pebble in the Shoe, the World’s #1 Coach of Champions gives you five simple, champion-tested tools for removing any sized pebble in your shoe. After reading this book, you’ll be able to approach any condition, circumstance, or situation with confidence.

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