The Secrets to Happiness at Work

How to Choose and Create Purpose and Fulfillment in Your Work


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For working adults, business leaders, and HR professionals who want to lead a more fulfilling life,The Secrets to Happiness at Work shows how we can thrive at work by making empowered, wise choices about the kind of work we do, the people we work with, and the ways we manage our work-life boundaries.

Expert Tracy Bower sets a foundation by making the case for joyful work and life, pointing to research on personal, family, and child health. From stress and sleep to marriage and child development, joyful work is a critical part of a healthy life.

The book goes on to provide key touchpoints on fundamental human needs and compelling neuroscience that drive our understanding of experiences at work. In addition, the book debunks myths of work and life in order to provide the reader with new ways of thinking about work and life.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work lays down fundamentals through descriptions of how to create purpose and meaning, and how to find the right match with a company’s culture. Tracy emphasizes the power of relationships at work—and the importance of colleagues and coworkers—and how to foster the very best of trust, empathy, and work with others.

The Secrets to Happiness at Work explains the growth mindset and how to say yes more often, learn from failure, embrace stress, and stretch to achieve fulfillment.


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  • Pages: 152

About the Author

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRW is well-known in the field of work-life and organizational effectiveness. She is a sociologist and Principal with Steelcase’s Applied Research + Consulting group. Tracy is the author of Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders and Organizations, The Secrets to Happiness at Work, and a regular contributor for and Fast Company. Tracy is an award-winning speaker and an executive advisor to Coda Societies and to the MSU Professional Science Master Industrial Mathematics Program. Tracy is highly networked and credible in her fields, and she holds a PhD, a Master of Management in Organizational Dynamics, and a Master of Corporate Real Estate with a Workplace specialization. Learn more about finding happiness at work in Tracy's blog posts>>

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