The Get To Principle (Ignite Reads)

How to Get Happy, Get Going, and Get To It in Life

Published: March 2020
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The Get To Principle in the media:
The Get To Principle: A Simple Technique to Create Instant Joy - Publishers Weekly

Unlock the secret to TRUE happiness.

It’s time for your mindset to get a makeover! Find out how to transform your day-to-day with a simple approach to stress, goal setting, and happiness. By simply shifting from a “have to” mindset to a “get to!” mindset,  The Get To Principle will guide you through a life-changing understanding of the nature of life: that the way you think about your actions is the way life is experienced.

Author Ted Larkins provides simple techniques that reaffirm the latest science around having a growth mindset and accomplishing goals long thought impossible. The Get to Principle will shift your life to joy by:

  • Refocusing your state of mind
  • Helping you find more joy in your everyday
  • Breaking your cycle of negativity

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Inspirational Messages

Quotes from The Get To Principle

“You get to take part in the universal urge to create and become something better than you are now by becoming the best you can be.” - Ted Larkins

“Nothing is as important as you think it is, at least when you are thinking about it.” -Daniel Kahneman

“True change comes only when the current reality is acknowledged, the desired result is stated, and action towards that desired results is practiced.” - Ted Larkins

“It's not necessarily the reality that shapes us, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality.” - Shawn Anchor

“The commitment to be in service to what YOU really want, what YOU desire - that's the essence of making true change.” - Ted Larkins

“How you look at the world is how you treat it. How you treat the world is what the world becomes for you.” - Ted Larkins

“Everyone you meet today will help define who you are tomorrow.” - Ted Larkins

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