The Engagement Game

Why Your Workplace Culture Should Look More Like a Video Game

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Published: August 2020
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Make work FUN with lessons in engagement that game play can teach us ALL.

In videogames, like in any modern workplace, cooperation, continuous learning, hard work, engagement, and a balanced slate of skills are all keys to victory. A lot of thought and science goes into engineering the gamer’s experience to provide feedback exactly when it is needed so they can get better and understand how the game works.

What if your workplace was designed the same way?

Author Jamie Madigan combines the psychology of game design and industrial organizational psychology for the perfect formula to become a better leader, manager, coach, and coworker. Ready? Game on.

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Inspirational Messages

Quotes from The Engagement Game

"Goals direct the person’s attention towards what will help accomplish the goal and away from things that won’t."

"Relationships matter: A high-quality and respectful relationship between a manager and an employee will result in more seeking out and using feedback. Trust is especially important, as is leadership style that focuses on the recipient’s personal and professional needs."

"Well-designed video games get you to try new things. When you face plant into a wall of failure, most games will encourage you to reload and try again with different loadouts, party compositions, weapons, items strategies, or tactics."

"The challenge of the game isn’t so much fighting the monster but analyzing the environment and adequately preparing and outfitting party members to tackle it. Suboptimal choices result in failure, so players spend countless hours experimenting with strategies, figuring out what works, and then finding something that works even better. The game demands on that kind of investment."

"Winning requires experimentation, paying attention to what works, and applying this knowledge to each new problem they encounter."


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