The Unconventionals (Ignite Reads)

How Rebel Companies Are Changing Markets, Hearts, and Minds—and How You Can Too

Published: June 2019
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What do electric shavers, craft beer, and DNA tests all have in common? They were all revolutionized by the Unconventionals.

We’ve had our expectations turned upside down by leading brands like American Express, Converse, and Waze, simply because they saw things differently. How did they do that? By simply questioning the prevailing wisdom which then created outsized results and lasting change.

The Unconventionals by expert authors Mike O'Toole and Hugh Kennedy is a 1-hour Ignite Reads book that chronicles the amazing stories behind these solid business successes and shows you how reinventing your company (or starting a new one) can be easier than you think! Through in-depth interviews with the CEOs, CMOs, and visionaries who had an idea that turned the unexpected into the expected you will learn how to become unconventional, too! Read positive quotes for motivation, inspiration, and success from Mike O'Toole and Hugh Kennedy, here. For more on mastering change, try Think Different, Not Harder by Karl Schoemer.

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Inspirational Messages

Quotes from The Unconventionals:

“We want meaning in our work as employees, and we want a story we can believe in as consumers.”

“Change captures imaginations and shifts behavior.”

“The most successful companies...use their brands to shift the market in a way that makes life better for buyers and favors what they do best.”

“People like brands with a bigger change mission, and they want that mission to be more than words.”

“You possess the power to be courageously curious. So think for yourself. Explore. Imagine. Be Unconventional.”

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