Brand Buzz

3 Breakthrough Secrets for Building a Winning Brand

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Published: October 2016
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If you want to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market, you want your brand to buzz. You want it to be a brand that people can’t stop talking about, one that customers love to support. With their expertise through working on some of the biggest brands in the market, Adrienne and Greg Weiss offer their industry secrets on how to best create buzz within and around your brand.

Brand Buzz lays out the 3 rules Adrienne and Greg have uncovered through their career in the branding industry: storytelling, club making, and country building.

  1. Storytelling: no one will care what your product is if you don’t sell them why it is, who you are, and how this will change their lives for the better
  2. Clubmaking: creating an exclusive, just-for-you feel to your brand will make consumers crave to be a part of the magic
  3. Country Building: once you’ve established yourself as a product people need and want to be a part of, make your company one that is fun to be a part of! Establish a voice for your brand, cohesive marketing, and fun details

Gain notoriety, generate excitement, and earn loyal customers—start building your brand’s buzz now!

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