John Murphy Three Book Leadership Gift Set

Published: January 2014
Published: January 2012
Published: November 2010
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The John Murphy Three Book Gift Set is a well rounded collection of books for every type of leader. This set focuses on helping to improve you and your team's productivity and teamwork, and hone your leadership skills. Each book has an unforgettable message and makes a great meeting takeaway!

Included in this Set:

Pulling Together by John Murphy - It's easy for any organization to say..."We value teamwork." However, saying it, versus committing to the principles to grow it, can be two different things. And that's what Pulling Together is all about! Author John Murphy presents the ten rules for high performance teams in an engaging way that every person in your organization can understand.

Leading With Passion by John Murphy - Light a match in a dark room and watch as the light instantly overcomes the darkness. Observe the power and grace of that single, solitary flame dancing with life. Now light several candles or kindle a fire and experience the added warmth and comfort extending from that first, vulnerable flame through others. This is the heart and soul of leadership - the essence of inspiring others. Learn to lead with passion. A great book for your next leadership retreat.

Habits Die Hard by John Murphy and Mac Anderson - Habits begin and manifest deep in the mind and they can be friends or foes. Good habits can make our lives easier, helping us to do the more mundane things of life without thinking about them, like automatically depositing your paycheck. But, as all of us know all too well, habits can also be destructive our health, to our finances, to our relationships. It's why we struggle with losing weight, paying off our credit cards or quitting name a few "bad habits." This book gives you 10 steps to creating good habits for a better life.

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