What is your Life Purpose?

What is your Life Purpose?

Today, we're happy to share a special article from Eric Eccles, founder of GenerationAwareness.org. Please enjoy!

The word 'purpose' in the dictionary is described as: something that one intends to get or do; or the object for which something exists or is done with intention and planning. Here's my interpretation of this word. I believe that purpose is an idea of completeness, a goal, mission, or dream that is intrinsically desired to the point of true ambition and intention. Whether we keep a purpose in view with conscious persistence is the question to our happiness in life. In all, a purpose is a dream or passion that has carefully been thought through and studied until it has become a master plan that is put into action.

How we develop our purpose is one of the keys to our happiness and fulfillment in life. So finding your life purpose may start with questions like: Why do you feel you are here? There are so many answers to this question, but what is it that really sticks out in your mind, what answer, when carefully thought out, gives you a powerful sense of good for everyone around you and in your world at this moment in time?

What do you love?

What are the most valuable feelings and accomplishments in your life?

What motivates me with what I truly desire out of life?

Now that you've answered these questions, I'm sure that you are well on your way to understanding your true purpose in life. I know from experience the more you think about this, the more defining your purpose of life will become. As each one of us grows through this life journey we become what we consistently contemplate and think about.

If we live in fear (negative thoughts) of something long enough, then eventually we will draw this to us, and it will be manifested in our lives.

If we believe and have never ending faith in something and stay persistent with and mold our thoughts to a specific purpose in this life experience, then the rewards manifested will be limitless. The next few questions below are going to take you a little bit of time to complete. If you don't feel that you can answer these questions completely at this time then relax. Take a day or two to think this through. Remember, as you evolve your purpose may shift or mold and take different avenues. This may be a better position in your career or a completely different career. In many people that begin to experience this greater awareness of life's purpose there is suddenly change that comes in many forms. Maybe they pick up their roots and travel to other lands or begin a new business adventure that allows them to wake up each morning and live their life purpose. In any direction that you decide to venture and accept as your life purpose, be prepared to experience more enjoyment and enthusiasm than ever before. You can trust yourself that by doing this you will grow in more ways then you could ever imagine.

February 28, 2011
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