Three Ways to Build Trust

Three Ways to Build Trust

Whether you're the leader of a sports team or the leader of your family, if you are inspiring others, then you're a leader. And trust is one of the most important things in leadership. Without trust, you won't be able to inspire others to follow you and learn from you.

"Three Ways to Build Trust"
from The Little Book with 50 Big Ideas on Leadership
by Glenn Furuya

The Three "RITY"

Three words that end in the letters "rity" form the basis for trust.


People will trust you when they "feel" your selfless, giving ways. With charity, they trust your "heart."


People trust leaders who provide a clear vision, relevant instruction and good information. With clarity, they trust your "head."


People trust leaders who walk their talk, live their beliefs and keep their promises. With integrity, they trust your "character" and your "word."

Which "RITY" do you need to work on?

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February 20, 2017
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