The Simple Truths of Validation

The Simple Truths of Validation

Today, I received a letter from a Simple Truths customer. He told me about the near-death accident he had, and the long and difficult road he has traveled to recovery (I'd love to post more about his amazing story, but I'm waiting to hear back from him first). He wrote that our motivational material helped him through his trials, and that our Facebook group prompted him to inform us of how we helped him.

It's strange how a moment of validation can turn a day around. I came across this funny and true video about this subject on YouTube:

Today, our customer's letter brought a tear to my eye, and reminded me of the importance of encouraging others. He validated me and what I I would like to do that for you. Thank you for being a subscriber to our blog, and thank you for helping us reach others with our messages. Believe it or not, your stories of success are our inspiration!

So, how has Simple Truths impacted your life? How do you validate others? How have you been validated?

February 27, 2010
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