The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love

The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love

The Joy of Mom: Celebrating a Mother's Love

from The Joy of Mom

by Vicki Reece

How do you encapsulate the joy, honor, gift, and privilege of being a mom? It's in the moments. The tiny, indelibly precious, delicious, almost indescribable moments. From the second we hear, feel, and see our child's first heartbeat to experiencing their first breath, becoming a mom is truly understanding Elizabeth Stone's quote for the first time: "Making the decision to have a to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

As a mom, you can watch your children silently sleeping for hours on end and feel sheer joy for every tiny move they make. Their "firsts" are your "firsts"—their first steps, the first day at school, the first time the school bus pulls away, or when we let go of the back of their bicycle. Their first crush, date, or heartbreak. Taking them to college or walking them down the aisle. All their firsts not only take our breath away, but also leave our hearts right there with them.

I've been collecting, curating, and crafting quotes for as long as I can remember. Compiled into worn journals, my favorite words of inspiration have helped me through some pretty rough days.

There is such soul, grace, and love in everything we do as moms, every single day...and every precious and sacred moment in them. It's the soul of who we are and the fabric of our lives—one that will never know compromise. And some days when we're exhausted and at our wit's end, we feel like we have no more to give. That's when, as moms, we give even more—lovingly, gratefully, and with all our heart.

The "love affair" with our children begins the second we begin our new roles as moms:

From the second that I found out that I was cradling you in my womb, I'd have given my life for you. I could feel you grow, feel you move, and feel you kick. The sound of your heartbeat was the most perfect sound I had ever heard. Our bond grew every day. My hand instinctively rested on my belly to protect you, as I counted down the days until I could hold you in my arms. Even through the unspeakable pain of labor, my only concern was your safety. Then you arrived and were more beautiful and perfect than I could have ever imagined. And I finally knew what love was, unconditional love. It was a love so strong that it overwhelmed me. There was nothing I would not do for you. You were my first priority, my reason for being, my child. You still continue to grow, but those feelings do not fade. So please understand that I will worry, at times you will think me overprotective and expect me to realize you are "growing up." Because no matter how big you grow, I will always see my child, my baby. My instinct will always be to protect you, and I will always love you more than you will ever know. Because I am your mom and you will always be my child. —Steph Turner

I hope the quotes and images in The Joy of Mom touch, move, and inspire you too. Enjoy!

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April 26, 2017
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