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Where Creative Pros Get Stuck (And What To Do About It)

September 26, 2022

I could tell that Jessica was really struggling. The funny thing is, her career was going very well. She was earning acclaim from her company, and she had even been recently promoted. From the outside, it seemed like all engines were firing on cue, but inside she felt like she was stalled out.

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Finding Your Sweet Spot of Effectiveness

September 19, 2022

If you’ve ever played golf, tennis or baseball, you’ve probably heard the phrase “sweet spot”. If you hit a ball with the sweet spot of your club, racket, or bat, it will travel a far greater distance than if you strike it even marginally off the mark. Hitting squarely on the sweet spot provides you with the maximum return for your effort.

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Why Keeping “Score” Hurts Your Creative Process

September 12, 2022

Have you ever felt anxious about your job, but you don’t know why?

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How To Choose The Best Idea

September 5, 2022

It’s that critical moment in your team’s brainstorm. You’ve got a bunch of ideas on the whiteboard, and everyone is angling for their favorite.

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Live with Purpose

September 9, 2019

Live with Purpose

Although we can't choose how we're born, we do get to choose how we live. This means that your choices matter in a big way. Understanding that you matter is the first step in living a life with purpose. After that, it's about taking one Monday, one action at a time - leading to a change in your life and those around you. Here are some steps from Every Monday Matters to help you get started on your journey:

1. Make Monday Joyful

Joy surrounds us - we can create it, experience it and share it. And it comes in so many different forms! When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it? How often do you laugh until it hurts? And can you recall taking a moment to love the little things? If you can't remember, make it a point to start each Monday (eventually each day!) to take a few minutes to think about joyfulness and what it means to you.

Take it a step further: start a new hobby that looks like fun; find a funny picture and share it with someone to make them laugh; do a little thing each day for a week to bring yourself or someone else joy.

2. Make Monday Creative

Everyone is unique; there is only one you. Do you take the time to appreciate your individual creativity or the creativity of those around you? Being creative allows you to express what makes you different, and it connects you to other people.

Art is a gift that allows you to appreciate the world around you. Our hands are an amazing creation that enable us to build something we can share. And our differences are what provide so much variety.

Use these gifts to get creative: Try expressing yourself by doing something simple such as doodling, cooking, or writing a short story. Use your hands to build something small for your house - there are plenty of online tutorials to get you started. Find a new, local international-inspired restaurant, concert or exhibit to experience.

3. Make Monday Positive

Positivity is more inspiring and valuable than negativity; however, it always seems harder to look on the bright side. The good news is, you can change this and you will likely be surprised by how easy it is to be positive with everyone you come across. When you focus on the good in your life, you can flip the script by saying and doing positive things. By asking a simple "why not?" you can take matters into your own hands and let go of negativity.

Put positivity out in the world this week: When your friends or co-workers get together for a pity party, try leading them into a conversation that instead promotes the positives. When something in your life feels out of reach, try turning it into a "why not?" and see where it takes you. Lastly, think back to someone who made a difference in your life and call, write or email to let them know.

4. Make Monday Expressive

Everyone has a unique story. Have you shared yours? It can be hard to tell your tale and trust that you'll be accepted but, in order to live a life that matters, you need to embrace who you are and be honest and authentic. Only then can you truly be living a life with purpose.

Express your true self: Look at your emails, social posts, and texts from this past week and take an audit to see if you meant what you said. Find a way to show your love to friends and family in your own creative and meaningfully way. Lastly, share a secret with someone you trust.

For more ways to live a life that matters, check out Every Monday Matters


- Matther Emerzian, author of Every Monday Matters

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