Practicing What You Preach

Practicing What You Preach

"Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand." This proverb proves true more often than we would least it does for me! We want healthy food but eat fast food. We want to become more educated, but watch T.V. when we could be studying a new subject. We feel motivated to follow our dreams, but we get distracted along the way.

I think that, in the corporate world especially, lacking follow through on commitments can be hazardous. With Toyota's recent confessions, I have a harder time feeling the same about my car (and I'm a loyal Toyota driver!). So, we can all remember other times when our confidence in something dropped because of unfulfilled expectations. It's not something that's unique to Toyota, Honda, or other car companies, it affects all companies.

Good to the Core

Here's a story that I think captures the phrase "practicing what you preach". It's one that I've shared before, but it just strikes me at the core when I think of responsibility. If you like this story, by the way, you'll have to check out John Blumberg's book, Good to the Core. It's full of stories about people following through on their commitments and ideals.

So, what are your values that you hold on to? What commitments have you placed #1 in your life, and why?

March 10, 2010
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