Mondays With Mac: Laugh Loud and Often

Mondays With Mac: Laugh Loud and Often

Laughter is to the soul what soap is to the body. In fact, researches suggest that we need a minimum of twelve laughs a day just to stay healthy. It can affect our brain chemistry and immune system in very positive ways. It also can be powerful in providing positive energy that can fight off negative thoughts.

Here's an exercise I want you to try the next time you're in the car alone and feel a little down in the dumps. When you hit an open stretch of road- or you might prefer to pull over and park- start laughing as loud and hard as you can for one solid minute. Not thirty seconds, but a full minute. Once you start it becomes easy to keep going because your brain is thinking...this is one of the nuttiest things I've ever done.

When you finally stop you will feel like a new person. The frown will have been transformed into a smile and the endorphins in your brain will have kicked in. It works. I guarantee it, because I've done it many times. Now here's a little tip...don't do it at stop lights, because a big, sensitive guy in the car next to you might think you're laughing at him. If that were to happen it could affect your "health" in a negative way.

Southwest Airlines does a wonderful job of laughing with their team, with their customers, and at themselves. About six months ago I was on a flight when the flight attendant announced over the P.A.system: "Today we have a gentleman on board who's celebrating his 99th birthday, and this is the first time he's ever flown." As you can imagine, the cabin broke out in light applause. Then she said, "Now on the way out, stop by the cockpit and wish him 'happy birthday'." Beautiful! It made my day. Everyone on board roared with laughter.

Laugh loud and laugh often. It'll keep you happy, keep you healthy, and keep your attitude headed in a positive direction.

January 14, 2008
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