Mondays with Mac: Fear

Mondays with Mac: Fear

"Fear kills more people than death." ~ General George Patton

Master success coach, Steve Chandler said, "The world's best kept secret is that on the other side of your fear there is something safe and beneficial waiting for you. If you pass through even a thin curtain of fear you will increase the confidence you have in your ability to create your life."

Your ability to confront your fears is one of the most important keys to staying motivated. Because when you back away and do nothing, fear can quickly dominate your thinking and your emotions.

Everyone has fears and it takes courage to confront them.

Mark Twain said, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not- absence of fear."

When you're afraid, you have two choices: to do nothing and let the fear fester like a cancer, or identify the person or situation that is causing your fear and deal with it immediately.

Can it be difficult?

Of course it can, but the alternative to constant worry and pain is much worse.

January 26, 2009
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