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Monday Gets Consistent

Things change. But just as things change, there is a ton that stays the same. Fortunately for all of us, the sun rises and sets each and every day. We look forward to Taco Tuesdays each week and pumpkin spice lattes every autumn. This consistency matters, and it shows up in several parts of our lives. Maybe you have a family member who makes your lunch every day or a friend you can always call when you’re feeling down. Maybe a sibling consistently shares a corny joke at dinner, or you have a parent who always gives you a massive hug before you leave for school. This is consistency. It is what shapes our skills, habits, and mindsets and creates beautiful masterpieces and symphonies. When it comes to our relationships, it is also the very thing that builds trust. When we show up consistently in our characters, it allows people to know and trust who we truly are. Let’s cherish and create consistency in all parts of our lives, both big and small. Being consistent matters.

Try This: Our patience with one another is often tested because we set ourselves up for failure and frustration. Create a family plan that helps you get on the same page and builds in more clarity, margin, and realistic expectations. Then watch and enjoy as the impatience melts away.


- Matthew Emerzian, author of Every Monday Matters for Families

September 27, 2021
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