How to Double (or Maybe Triple) Your Productivity!

HammerRecently I heard a friend of mine talk about time management. At the end of the day, he asks himself:

  • Did I invest in others?
  • Did I accomplish any tasks?
  • Did I learn something new?
  • If he answers "no" to one, two, or all of those questions, he concludes that his day was not as productive as it could-or should- have been.

    That frame of mind reminds me of a quote from Amy Jones, author of Twice as Much in Half the Time: "Knowing what is most important in your life should guide you as you make decisions each day." Sit back and think about your day: Did you answer "no", or "yes"? If "yes", then congratulations on today, and you have tomorrow to do the start again. If "no", then guess what... you also have tomorrow!

    Thoughts? Ideas of what you will accomplish tomorrow? Share them in our comments sections!

    September 10, 2009
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