Are You a Fantasizer or a Dream Builder?

Are You a Fantasizer or a Dream Builder?

Are You a Fantasizer or a Dream Builder?

"Building Your Dream"
from Own Your Dreams

by John C. Maxwell

As you move forward in the pursuit of your dream, you need to ask yourself, “Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?”

People who build their dreams on reality take a very different approach to dreams than people who live in Fantasyland.

Fantasizers Dream Builders
Rely on luck Rely on discipline
Focus on the destination Focus on the journey
Cultivate unhealthy expectations Cultivate healthy discontent
Minimize the value of work Maximize the work they do.
Look for excuses Lead to action
Create inertia Generate momentum
Breed isolation Promote teamwork
Wait Initiate
Avoid personal risks Embrace risk as necessary

People who are successful in the long run don’t leave everything to chance. They focus on what they can do, and then they do it. To achieve your dream, you not only need to work hard for it, but you also have to make sure it plays to your strengths. That means knowing what you can and cannot do.

The first step in facing reality requires you to look at yourself realistically, to see yourself as you truly are. The nature of self-evaluation has a profound effect on a person’s values, beliefs, thinking processes, feelings, needs, and goals . Focus on doing the things you love to do and building on your strengths.

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December 26, 2017
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