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    5 Benefits of Remembering that Life is Short

    5 Benefits of Remembering that Life is Short
    July 17, 2017 20604 Views 1 comment

    Life is short. Here are 5 reasons why keeping that in mind can benefit you.

    1. I will gain critical wisdom.

    Counting my days has created a sense of intense urgency, causing me to choose how I am going to live and know what I am living for now.

    I must desire wisdom with all my might. Wisdom is not only critical, but also valuable for me to make important daily decisions.

    2. I will be pushed to maximize my relationships.

    It is so easy to take my relationships for granted. Counting my days reminds me of how precious they are. This causes me to be more loving, more forgiving, and more unselfish. Time is merely the measure of passing events. Time is inflexible. You cannot manage it. It cannot be compressed or expanded. Bottom line: don't focus on time, but on events themselves. When you control the event, you control your life. Fill these events with people you love. Relationships will be enhanced and memories created.

    3. I will dedicate 100 percent of my life to God daily.

    Counting my days compels me to want to spend my remaining days and years serving my Creator. I must stay watchful, alert, and committed.

    I am grateful for every moment. Every possibility. Every person I meet throughout the day. I am fully open to God. I am an empty vessel to fill, a building with no doors. I seek what to do and where to go, living on the edge of great explorations.

    The sum of what I do today is more expansive and far-reaching than I can comprehend. This gives me certainty to continue with tons of massive action all day.

    4. I will possess a crystal clear vision for my life.

    A vision or dream has given me direction, something to aim at, to work toward. It keeps me marching forward.

    I do not want to close my eyes and fail to see the vision. I face today with my eyes wide open, actively looking for the next action to take. Today I will practice love in all my actions, taking calculated risks and living more adventurously.

    I know I am creating a life book. Today is but a chapter—maybe even just a few paragraphs. Each sentence I write with intention. We all dream. But not equally. To make your dreams possible, act on them with open eyes.

    5. I will realize life's true value.

    Counting my days makes things of eternal value feel much more important. I am more aware than ever that my life is preparation for eternity. One day my heart will stop, and that will be the end of this body. But not the end of me.

    Knowing that the quality of my life will never exceed the quality of my questions, I must ask outstanding questions. What am I doing that will count two hundred years from now? For eternity?

    Present success or failure does not measure the true value of your life's work. You still have now.

    Six words continue to motivate me: No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

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    Conrado Roxas March 28, 2018 at 1:22 AM
    This is the best thought provoking conscienticizer I've ever encountered, other than the verses of the Word of our Great GOD!

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