Decision Time

How to Make the Choices Your Life Depends On (Inspirational Growth Mindset Book to Live a Fulfilling Life)

Published: June 2022
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For readers of Malcolm Gladwell, Decision Time is an inspirational problem-solving and decision-making book to identify and fight off the common enemies of making good decisions—inertia, procrastination, and indecision—and empower you to make the choices that matter the most using growth mindset.

Should I change careers? Is it time to end my relationship? Can I move halfway across the world?

We have to make choices every day, big and small, but it's the life-changing ones that often cause us to freeze or react too quickly, without thinking. What can we do differently?

Laurence Alison and Neil Shortland have spent over 20 years helping soldiers, police officers, doctors, and other professionals in high-stakes environments make tough decisions when lives are on the line. In Decision Time, they show us how those same decision-making techniques apply to everyday life, whether that's deciding to take a new job or change careers later in life, end a relationship, move across the world, or declare your undying love for your best friend.

Highly accessible and interactive, Decision Time will guide you through each step of the decision-making process so next time you a find yourself at a crossroads, you'll be able to make your way with confidence.

Praise for Decision Time:

"A highly readable and entertaining book... The authors have managed the trick of applying their work with military and security professionals to the high-consequence choices people face in everyday life. This is a thought-provoking and stimulating contribution."—Gary Klein, author of Seeing What Others Don't and The Power of Intuition

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