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    Create Your Yes! in the media:
    10 Motivating Books to Ignite Your Inner CEO - Parade

    Downloadable Training Presentation Now Available!

    When you are faced with rejection, do you cringe or thrive? While it may seem that we are out of options when we try something and fail, there is a way to make your dreams a reality – in the face of ANY adversary!

    Author Angela Marie Hutchinson has a fairly simple motto: dreams don’t happen, dreams are made. Rather than admit defeat, Angela herself made her dreams of making a movie a reality by pushing forward despite each “no”, “pass”, and negative thought that came her way! Using her 12-step approach, those dreams you keep hearing “no” on – those plans that never seem to come to fruition – can finally be realized. Rather than admit defeat in the face of “no”, it’s time to create your own victories! The downloadable training presentation (Create Your Yes! Training Presentation Preview) takes the lessons learned in the book a step further and can be used to present at a book club, team meeting or lunch and learn!

    If you would like to receive the training presentation for free, join Elite Club - members receive all training presentations for free!  Read positive quotes for motivation, inspiration, and success from Create Your Yes!, here. If you need additional help getting into the mindset of success, try 212° The Extra Degree!

    Inspirational Messages

    Quotes from Create Your Yes!:

    “The power to create belongs to each of us.”

    “When you hear no, it’s rarely personal – don’t take it that way. Rejection is a tool that teaches us, guides us, and sometimes redirects us to a path more aligned with our passion.”

    “Creating your yes is about living your best life.”

    “Stop waiting for the phone to ring with your next opportunity.”

    “To create means to bring into existence or to produce something that would not naturally evolve.”

    “There is no precise road map to success, but you can be 100% confident that rejection will undoubtedly find a path to you. Just don’t let it block the intersection of your dreams taking flight.”

    • Details:
    • Format: Downloadable eBook
    • Page Count: 58
    • eBook Format: .pdf

    Free Discussion Guides

    Try using Create Your Yes! as part of your next training event, team meeting or book club! Our free discussion guide is the perfect companion to the book, and will help you get the most out of your event. Included are discussion points and questions that will help guide your team through this book.

    About Author

    ANGELA MARIE HUTCHINSON is an entrepreneur, movie producer, casting director, and former talent agent. Additionaly, Angela authored several books, including Create Your Yes!. Her consulting clients refer to her as the Dream Builder. A University of Michigan alumnus, Hutchinson now resides in California.

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