Heart of a Caregiver Gift Set

Published: January 2014
Published: January 2014
Published: January 2013
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“Every day thousands of unsung heroes bring CARING and COMPASSION to the lives of millions. Their names are never featured in the headlines, but our world would be a much darker place without them.” ~ Charles Devlin

Filled with stories and poems that will grab your heart and not let go, this is the perfect gift set to recognize the importance of nurses and caregivers, and the role that they play in our lives. We are certain that it is a gift they will treasure.

Included in this Set:

Heart of a Caregiver by Paula J. Fox — This wonderful book pays tribute to all the unsung heroes—the CNAs, nurses, hospital personnel and hundreds of thousands of spouses and adult children—who provide loving care for others each day. Heart of a Caregiver features stories and quotes and of course Paula’s beautiful poetry. It’s the perfect gift for those special people who make the choice to commit their lives to healing and comforting others.

A Nurse's Creed Framed Inspirational Print — Quote on print: “A Nurse’s Creed — Sometimes I forget…why I’m a Nurse and what’s really in my HEART. Sometimes I’m just too busy I don’t know where to start. Then someone holds my hand, and greets me with a smile. They ask if I could stay with them for just a little while. If I could calm a sorrowed heart just because I’m there. Then I’m reminded…why I’m a Nurse. It’s all because I CARE.”

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