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    “Reading this book inspires my own efforts to pay it forward with the small stuff.”–Maisoon Suleiman


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    Now Available in the Giftable Hardcover!

    Pass It On! Kindness is like a snowball that’s rolling down a hill. Each unselfish act or word is another snowflake that greets the others…creating something much larger than itself in the process.

    We once heard someone say, “If you teach your children the Golden Rule, you will have left them an incalculable estate.” Truer words were never spoken. More than anything, the Golden Rule is about kindness. Kindness and honesty make you feel good about yourself and create trust in others. They improve your relationship with yourself and with others. It’s not much in fashion these days to talk about the benefits of kindness, honesty and decency, but the benefits are there and they are valuable and worth the trouble.

    In fact studies have shown committing acts of kindness is actually good for your health. A rush of euphoria, followed by a longer period of calm after performing a kind act, is often referred to as a “helper’s high,” involving physical sensations and the release of the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins. This initial rush is then followed by a longer-lasting period of improved emotional well-being.

    Just reading stories of other’s acts of kindness will bring you joy and it is a wonderful message to share with friends or volunteers who have shown you kindness. Spread some kindness today...because nice matters!

    • Details:
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Trim Size: 6.5" x 6.5"
    • Page Count: 128
    • Video Run Time: 2 mins 13 secs
    • eBook Format: .epub
    • Audio Format: mp3

    About Author

    MAC ANDERSON is the founder of Simple Truths and Successories, Inc., the leader in designing and marketing products for motivation and recognition, including thousands of motivational posters. These companies, however, are not the first success stories for Mac. He was also the founder and CEO of McCord Travel, the largest travel company in the Midwest, and part owner/VP of sales and marketing for Orval Kent Food Company, the country's largest manufacturer of prepared salads.

    His accomplishments in these unrelated industries provide some insight into his passion and leadership skills. He also brings the same passion to his speaking where he speaks to many corporate audiences on a variety of topics, including leadership, motivation, and team building. Mac has authored or co-authored twenty-two books that have sold over three million copies. His titles include: Change is Good…You Go First, Charging the Human Battery, Customer Love, Habits Die Hard, Leadership Quotes, Learning to Dance in the Rain, 212º: The Extra Degree, 212º Service, 212º Leadership, Motivational Quotes, One Choice, The Best of Success, The Power of Attitude, The Power of Kindness, The Essence of Leadership, The Road to Happiness, The Dash, Things That Grab Your Heart and Won’t Let Go, To a Child, Love is Spelled T-I-M-E, You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School, and What’s the Big Idea?

    What Readers are Saying

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    5.0 (based on 42 reviews)

      36-40 of 42

      10/296/2011 10/24/2011
      • 5.0
      The Power of Kindness
      I love the Book and DVD. I have bought for a friend and had to look at it first just had to touch the pages first! I also bought the set Books for Women by Women. They were on sale. I wanted them before hand but could not buy them for full price as I have limited funds. When they went on sale this made it available to me as gifts for Christmas. I now have 14 gifts for my friends. The shipment was here in two days. What a surprise. Thank You Mrs. Shelly Leone
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        Mary Crisorio
        11/313/2011 11/10/2011
        (2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)
        • 5.0
        Power Of Kindness
        This book is beautifully written and magnificently designed!
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          Ada Morris
          09/264/2011 09/22/2011
          • 5.0
          I gave this book as a birthday gift to a friend, I thought it was particularly fitting for her.
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            Fay Driskill
            09/260/2011 09/18/2011
            • 5.0
            This is the second book purchased as a gift and also the given to the same relative I know will enjoy it. You have so many GREAT books. I would love to have a collection but enjoy giving them as gifts and hope they enjoy them as much as I do.
              Was this review helpful? /
              Fran Ingram
              05/126/2011 05/07/2011
              • 4.0
              The Power of Kindness
              I have enjoyed the DVD and Trying to read the stories inside the book. I am sorry, I love your books but lately you or someone has reduced the size of the fonts and blurred the print so that it is a real struggle to keep turning the pages instead of closing it and deleting the entire message. I know the purpose is to sell books by getting people interested in reading the rest of the book. However you may find that your sales have dropped lately because there are so many of us who have bought in the past can no longer read the type inside the books. Please consider enlarging the font size and making sure the font is clear and easy to read. When this happens I will start buying more books from you. I wish I could find an email address to write to Mac personally. I doubt he will really ever see this message.
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                36-40 of 42

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