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Sports Fans

You don’t have to be an athlete to keep your eyes on the prize and stay ahead of the competition. Our sports titles are filled with stories of victory and defeat that will help you develop a winning attitude. Anything is possible with the right amount of practice and determination.

  1. What It Takes to Be Number One – with Audio CD & DVD

    $19.95 As low as: $15.00

    “Great read to pick yourself up and keep giving it your all!”–Angie

    Lombardi. A single word that best communicates strong visions of excellence, discipline commitment, and the fundamentals of success.

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  2. The Race – Success is a Journey, Not a Finish Line

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    Success is about your journey to the finish line; simply, getting up after each time you fall is all you need to finish the life’s big race.

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  3. Secrets of the World Class – Turning Mediocrity into Greatness

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “I’ve read many larger books with only a fraction of what is offered in this masterpiece.”–Barb

    Discover the top mental toughness secrets of champions and the psychology of peak performance.

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  4. The Power of Teamwork – Inspired by The Blue Angels

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “In my experience and opinion, it doesn’t get better than this!”–Linda

    Filled with great stories and great graphics to help reinforce the nine key principles of teamwork used by the Blue Angels.

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  5. The Pebble in the Shoe – 5 Steps to a Simple and Confident Life

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “A must-read for anyone struggling with accomplishing their dreams.”–Estella Thomas

    Shed the undetectable problems in your life and approach any condition, circumstance, or situation with confidence.

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  6. Finish Strong Medallion Key Chain


    Carry the message with you and use this beautiful key chain to serve as a daily reminder to Finish Strong.

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  7. Finish Strong Two Book Motivational Gift Set

    Special Price $25.90

    Regular Price: $31.90

    Finish Strong is a powerful and effective mantra to pass on to your business associates, clients, friends and family. Now we bring to you the perfect gift set to take your motivation to the next level.

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  8. Finish Strong Motivational Quotes – Motivational Quotes…To Help You Go the Distance

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “I know that the quotes will be an inspiration to my employees and colleagues.”–Carolyn Moore

    Prepare yourself to choose how you respond to hard times. Will you fight? Or will you lie down?

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  9. Finish Strong Teen Athlete – A Guide for Developing the Champion Within

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “This has helped me during tough times, with starting high school, meeting new friends, new groups, etc.”–Anthony Gentile

    No matter which sport is played, any teen athlete can learn from these sixteen key principles for devloping the champion within.

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  10. Finish Strong – Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration

    Special Price $10.00

    Regular Price: $15.95

    “A very important and timeless message… It is never too late to get motivated and finish strong.”–Donald Meyncke

    Create a powerful platform for high performance achievement across all aspects of your life. You’ll know at the end of the day that you gave all you have to give.

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