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    February 2011

    What is your Life Purpose?

    February 28, 2011 2311 Views

    Today, we're happy to share a special article from Eric Eccles, founder of Please enjoy!

    The word 'purpose' in the dictionary is described as: something that one intends to get or do; or the object for which something exists or is done with intention and planning. Here's my interpretation of this word. I believe that purpose is an idea of completeness, a goal, mission, or dream that is intrinsically desired to the point of true ambition and intention. Whether we keep a purpose in view with conscious persistence is the question to our happiness in life. In all, a purpose is a dream or passion that has carefully been thought through and studied until it has become a master plan that is put into action.

    How we develop our purpose is one of the keys to our happiness and fulfillment in life. So finding your life purpose may start with questions like: Why do you feel you are here? There are so many answers to this question, but what is it that really sticks out in your mind, what answer, when carefully thought out, gives you a powerful sense of good for everyone around you and in your world at this moment in time?

    What do you love?

    What are the most valuable feelings and accomplishments in your life?

    What motivates me with what I truly desire out of life?

    Now that you've answered these questions, I'm sure that you are well on your way to understanding your true purpose in life. I know from experience the more you think about this, the more defining your purpose of life will become. As each one of us grows through this life journey we become what we consistently contemplate and think about.

    If we live in fear (negative thoughts) of something long enough, then eventually we will draw this to us, and it will be manifested in our lives.

    If we believe and have never ending faith in something and stay persistent with and mold our thoughts to a specific purpose in this life experience, then the rewards manifested will be limitless. The next few questions below are going to take you a little bit of time to complete. If you don't feel that you can answer these questions completely at this time then relax. Take a day or two to think this through. Remember, as you evolve your purpose may shift or mold and take different avenues. This may be a better position in your career or a completely different career. In many people that begin to experience this greater awareness of life's purpose there is suddenly change that comes in many forms. Maybe they pick up their roots and travel to other lands or begin a new business adventure that allows them to wake up each morning and live their life purpose. In any direction that you decide to venture and accept as your life purpose, be prepared to experience more enjoyment and enthusiasm than ever before. You can trust yourself that by doing this you will grow in more ways then you could ever imagine.

    Life Begins When You Do

    February 21, 2011 3230 Views

    Are you putting off living the life you've always longed for?

    In her book, Life Begins When You Do, Mary Anne Radmacher, provides you with an inspiring invitation to begin the true work of your life RIGHT NOW!

    A contributor to the publishing and gift industry for almost thirty years, Mary Anne's unique prose offers up a nurturing bowl of inspiring, thoughtful soup for the spirit.

    Life Begins When You Do is based upon on Mary Anne's famous poem - her statement of purpose - Live with Intention:

    Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Laugh. Play with abandon. Practice wellness. Continue to learn. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Lead or follow a leader. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is. Today, we'd like to share the first chapter of Life Begins When You Do, "Live with Intention."

    Nearly everyone postpones one grand thing or a collection of mighty hopes and dreams.

    Between the quote marks of our lives are phrases like these: "When things slow down...when I finish my degree...when I get I acquire a deeper knowledge base...when I have kids...when the kids are grown...when I get well...when I marry...when I divorce...when I retire...when I get that promotion, that raise, that job, that house, that whatever the fill-in-the blank is for your specific postponing of life..."

    Your Life Begins When You Do.

    You may think you are postponing the longing of your soul until life aligns itself with your vision, until elements conspire to be more favorable...but as it happens, life just lolls along at the same remarkable consistent and disinterested cadence. Life is impartial. YOUR personal, subjective life (dreams, satisfactions, contentment, achievements, vision, fullness, passion, aspirations) begins when you begin.

    From my teens into adulthood, I said, "I want to be an artist." One day I changed the sentence to, "I am an artist." My view changed. Life began. I looked behind me and saw that I had been accidentally living as an artist. I had been laying down a path that was only now visible to eyes that had begun to see. Beginning my life as an artist made my heart's longing and the small, tentative labors of my hands - visible and tangible. I began by opening the door and simply believing that I could live my dream. I began living that dream by seeing that I could.

    Your purpose, that thing that among the many to-dos of your days, is what you must do. Embrace the truth of your purpose each minute of your precious life...for how very true it is that life begins when you do.

    If you would dream it
    BEGIN it.

    If you have an idea
    OPEN it.

    If there is longing

    If there is mission
    COMMIT it.

    If there is daring
    DO it.

    If there is love
    SPEAK it.

    If there is resource
    USE it.

    If there is abundance
    SHARE it.

    So, why wait another minute? The life you're waiting for...begins when you do!

    Announcing: The App of Inspiration

    February 18, 2011 2323 Views

    Today we're proud to announce our newest way to inspire: the Simple Truths iPhone app! Check it out here:

    Our free app is a great way to stay motivated on the go. Enjoy quotes, stories, and pictures selected from our full collection of gift books.

    Once you download and check it out, let us your suggestions and ideas as comments. We'd love to hear them, and enjoy our app:

    Happy Valentine's Day from Simple Truths

    February 14, 2011 4132 Views

    This Valentine's Day, we hope that you are inspired by your loved ones. Share this blog post with them!

    John Murphy: Leading with Passion

    February 10, 2011 3436 Views

    John Murphy 10_10Here's a blog post with an excerpt from John Murphy's latest book, Leading with Passion. John is an author, speaker, and management consultant. He has trained thousands of "change agents", helping them to create positive change.

    Please enjoy this short excerpt!

    People have debated for many years about the single most important characteristic or "ingredient" for leadership. These discussions tend to go on and on with interesting inputs but no resolution. The same endless debate might take place if we were to ask what the single, most important factor for chocolate cake is. Clearly, there is an argument for chocolate. There is also a good argument for eggs, flour, sugar, water and an assortment of other factors, including oven temperature and time in the oven. In fact, if any essential ingredient is missing or out of balance, the cake is vulnerable. It isn't everything it could be.

    LWPEffective, passionate leadership requires many things. In this book, we cover ten essentials. Combine these key factors and we have a means to inspire millions of people all over the world. These essentials transcend culture, race, gender, age, ethnicity and industry. They are a combination of ingredients that give leaders worldwide a means to bringing out the very best in people. Use them to tap the extraordinary power and passion available to you:

    Start with purpose to make sure you are doing what needs to be done.

    Add a compelling vision to give people something clear and meaningful to focus on.

    Mix purpose and vision with heart to bind with determination, courage and conviction.

    Add a healthy amount of attention to be present and aware of the now.

    Blend with integrity to build trust and demonstrate authenticity.

    Bake with discipline to perform at optimal levels and be accountable for results.

    Cover with generosity so that everyone gets a share.

    Serve with credibility so that it tastes as sweet as it is.

    Give thanks with grace for the abundance we have.

    Enjoy with spirit and feed the soul.

    What are the ingredients for successful leadership? How can you become a passionate, effective leader? What does it really take to inspire others?

    Need Help? Call: 1-800-900-3427

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