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    February 2010

    Mondays with Mac: The Key to Managing your Attitude...

    February 15, 2010 1793 Views

    On Friday, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics began. Every two years, I'm thoroughly impressed with the devotion, skill, and mental attitude of the athletes! I find the women and men to be an inspiration to all of us, in athletics and life. So, I'm devoting this week to exercise, and the improvement it can make in your life!

    Here's a story that I've told before, but is so relevant to this week:

    My attitude and my energy levels are directly tied to exercise. I can be doing everything else right, but without regular exercise I can feel my attitude "heading south". I've got a friend who is 65 but looks like he's 55. I saw him the other day and said, "Tony, you look great."

    He said, "I feel great! I got a second job." I said, "A second job? I thought your import business was doing well." He said, "It is. My second job is on the treadmill from 6-7 every morning. When I started looking at it as a second job, I showed up whether I wanted to or not!" He said, "The pay is lousy, but the benefits to my health and my attitude are priceless!"

    Exercise, more than anything, is a "stress buster". And, don't kid yourself, stress is a killer. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of all illnesses are directly or indirectly caused by stress. Therefore, if you're not proactive in busting stress, it's very likely to come back and bust you!


    -Mac Anderson

    How do you use exercise in your everyday life? What's the best workout for you? What advice do you give to others at the gym?

    Simple Truths of Life

    February 12, 2010 2453 Views

    Please enjoy our newest movie based on the book, The Simple Truths of Life by Linda Ellis:

    Before You Finish First, You Must First Finish

    February 10, 2010 2147 Views

    On Facebook, we ran the "Finish Strong 2009" Contest. Of all the submissions we received, we felt that Rae Alexander's story about her son described the Finish Strong attitude perfectly. Thank you for sharing this amazing story, Rae!

    Colby Alexander

    My story involves my son (Colby) who overcame a number of obstacles during his high school running career. Fighting through injuries and barriers became the norm for him. He spent countless hours cross training and fighting his way back from stress fractures and other obstacles to his running goals.

    This fall, as the cross country season progressed, Colby was progressing toward his goal of the State Championship. The morning of the Regional Championship which qualifies to the State Meet, he woke up feeling miserable. He had a case of the H1N1. He ran the race and barely qualified but crashed for several days following and started on the antiviral medication prescribed to him.

    He attempted to work hard and maintain a positive attitude going into the State Championship meet, but as his coach, it was difficult to offer reassurance and accept his plans to strive for the top place he could have achieved when healthier. He ran the race and finished well behind many competitors that he had previously raced and beaten.

    Colby didn't give up his other dreams of racing in a senior all-star meet and the Footlocker Midwest Regional which is a qualifier for the Footlocker National Championship. It was obvious that he felt better the weeks leading to the All-Star meet and he again kept his focus on his goals. He ran well, felt better, but again fell short of his finish goal.

    Once more he stuck to his plan, and the goals that were plastered all over his mirror and walls, and trained to race at the Footlocker Midwest Regional.

    We focused on keeping him positive, almost preparing him to settle for an All-Region finish and to be part of the Ohio scoring team. He refused to settle and despite some workouts that were not as promising as we hoped he stayed positive and goal driven.

    Colby got on the starting line with champions from thirteen states that day. His dream was to be a Footlocker Finalist and be in the top ten qualifiers. He was an underdog and he was clearly not in anyone's list when predicting potential qualifiers to the National Championship.

    Colby ran the race of his life, he was focused determined, and he had fire in his eyes. He finished seventh and lived his dream.

    He was a National qualifier.

    Since then, he achieved another goal. He has always wanted to wear the "O" of an Oregon Duck. He is a recruit for the University of Oregon and will sign a letter of intent in a couple of days.

    Despite setbacks and obstacles and injuries, Colby's dreams keep coming true. He keeps his sights on the goals and will do what is necessary to reach for stars. He will always "finish strong" because he has a positive attitude and can focus on his goals.

    Monday with Mac: When the Saints Come Marching in...

    February 8, 2010 1480 Views

    macandersonYesterday I was thrilled to see the New Orleans Saints win their first Super Bowl! (The Colts gave a good effort, though, kudos to the team and coach) However, I was even more thrilled to know that Drew Brees and his crew used Dan's book Finish Strong to motivate themselves all the way to the Super Bowl!

    I am also excited to announce the winner of our "Finish Strong in 2009" Contest from our Facebook Page. Rae Alexander wrote a fantastic story about her son finishing strong in his running career despite illness. Stay tuned this week to read Rae's amazing story!

    To Life,

    Mac Anderson

    Celebrating... the Super Bowl!

    February 5, 2010 1679 Views

    In case you haven't heard it on the radio, seen it on T.V., or read it in our newsletters, Simple Truths is in the Super Bowl! Now, we won't physically be on the field, but I know we'll be in the minds of the New Orleans Saints. Read more about that from the Chicago Tribune. Drew Brees and his team adopted the Finish Strong attitude, and it has helped them to the the biggest football matchup of the year!

    To celebrate, we have three videos to share. The first is Finish Strong, so you can feel motivated to achieve your goals! The next one is for all the Colts fans out there (we didn't want you all to feel left out), a little music tribute. The last is a classic music tribute to the Saints. Even though it's from 1983, it seems to never get old. Enjoy!

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