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    October 2009

    Recovering a Winning Mentality

    October 29, 2009 2512 Views

    Earlier this month, we received an email from a Simple Truths fan, telling us about how she uses our movies and books. Maggie had such a compelling story that we had to share it with you! The following is her short story to get you in the "winning" mentality.

    Several years ago I was contacted by a new high school varsity coach who was at his wit's end. The year before, his new football team had

    Maggie Ferrari, Owner of Transitions: Mental Conditioning for Athletic Excellence

    only one win all season, and it had been almost ten years since the team had made it to the play-offs.

    During our initial meeting the Coach explained that every varsity player had worked extremely hard throughout the winter and spring in the weight room. There seemed to be newfound camaraderie between all of his team members and he really liked what he was seeing...but his team was still not anywhere near where he felt they needed to be. He needed help.

    He went on to say, "The only thing they seem to be lacking is any real measure of self-belief and confidence." He believed if his team could gain a better attitude and somehow forget about the past, they might just have a respectable season and could then prepare for an even better showing the following year.

    A few days later, after working out all of the details, the Coach offered my program to his players. I began Mental Conditioning sessions that same week.

    The first night only five team members showed up. By the second session, nine players attended. By session three, fourteen players were in attendance. During another session, we reached our peak in attendance. Twenty-two of the 68 players attended. The Coach wasn't kidding. Although they all appeared to be in great physical shape, it was obvious they were absolutely mentally and emotionally deflated. Their body language alone spoke volumes.

    Used with permission from Maggie Ferrari

    Early on, I asked them, "Do you BELIEVE you are capable of winning games this year?"

    After a long, uncomfortable silence, one player finally spoke up and said, "No, because no matter what we do, we lose."

    It was clear to me that we had a lot of work to do.

    As we gathered each week for session work, I had the boys watch three Simple Truths movies: The Power of Teamwork, 212 The Extra Degree and What it Takes to be Number One. These movies, I firmly believe, set the mood for the work we did every week and ultimately made all the difference in the world! These kids live in a high tech world, and the music, the visuals, and the message quickly drew them in. Because of Simple Truths, I had their attention, and they were incredibly open and receptive each and every week.

    I secretly wondered if my sessions were as effective with only part of the team attending as they would be if I had the entire team. To my welcome relief, my question was answered powerfully just a few days later on the field.

    From my vantage point on the bleachers, it was as if there was a brand new team on the football field for the season opener that night. By the end of the first quarter, it was quite apparent the team had significantly improved their energy levels, endurance, and stamina. They charged out onto the field looking fierce, determined, and confident. As the game progressed, their performance got better and better as they worked beautifully together as a team. They supported and rallied one another, and the team captains strutted up and down the line offering encouragement by way of high-fives, chest thumping, helmet whacking and cheers. That said, by the end of the first half, they were leading 20 to 7.

    What struck me most of all was the way they were suddenly playing as though there was no such thing as the possibility of defeat. The difference between their pre-season scrimmages and the season opener was like night and day. They had embraced a whole new attitude: they were on that field to win. The final score was 38 - 14.

    In addition to great coaching and an intensive physical training regimen, Mental Conditioning helped remove the self-defeating thoughts, feelings and attitudes that had been preventing this team from moving forward for far too long. The messages in Simple Truths movies provided hope and gave them increased faith that indeed -- anything WAS possible.

    Getting back to the players...

    Mid-way through the season, after viewing the Simple Truths movies for the umpteenth time, one of the team captains told me he had an important announcement to make. He stood up, walked proudly to the front of the room and simply said, "We just wanted to let you know what WE have decided."

    I smiled, looking around the room, noting their new level of confidence and feeling very proud of all of them.

    The team captain continued:

    "WE are going to make it to the play-offs this year."

    THEY had decided.

    THEY were going to make it to the play-offs.

    Not try.

    He was emphatic.

    They WERE going to make it to the play-offs.

    Twenty-two out of 68 varsity team members had "decided."

    Interesting choice of words, don't you think?

    But you know what?

    That is precisely what they did.

    Maggie Ferrari, CHT is a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America where she received the professional designations; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Hypnotist and Master Hypnotist.

    Julie L, used with permission from Maggie FerrariIn addition, Maggie has earned advanced certifications in Sports Hypnosis, Peak Performance Training and Mental Conditioning for Sports. Ms. Ferrari is also the founder and owner of Transitions: Mental Conditioning for Athletic Excellence, located in East Greenbush, New York.

    Assisting athletes, coaches and teams is the core of Maggie's private practice. She works with athletes in all different sports, age groups and levels of ability to help them become the best they can be. Her client base currently stands at nearly 1400 and includes many of the best young athletes in the United States and beyond. From junior high school all the way up to elite and professional levels, Maggie's various programs have helped athletes improve their performance and gain a real competitive edge.

    Ms. Ferrari is a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

    Follow this Health Care Tip

    October 28, 2009 2300 Views

    With all of this concern over the Swine Flu, we are all taking measures to be healthy. I know around our office we have installed hand sanitizer stations and are being very careful about what we touch. Just yesterday, in fact, it smelled like a "Lysol bomb" went off in the waiting room since we were spraying so much surface cleaner!

    Well, I am sure you are trying your best to stay healthy these days. Though Swine Flu might be foremost on your mind, we cannot forget all the other ways that we must take care of ourselves. That includes being mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. Allow us to do our part to help you to stay well: did you know that doctors recommend getting 12 laughs a day just to stay healthy? It's true, and we have a movie based on the book Laughter is an Instant Vacation that may be just what the doctor ordered:

    Do you know some quotes that put a smile on your face? Share them in the comments section, and if you are on Twitter include your @username so I can retweet them for anyone else who could use a laugh!

    Mondays with Mac: Are you a Wild Thing?

    October 26, 2009 2174 Views

    A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." -Forest E. Witcraft

    Where the Wild Things Are is a recently released movie based on the 1963 book by Maurice Sendak. It is a story about imagination, expressing emotions, bravely facing fears, and finding acceptance. Like many children's books, it is the kind of book that can be enjoyed twice in life--once, when you are a child, and again when you are sharing a favorite book with the little ones in your life.

    That reminds me of a story that my co-author, Lance Wubbels, told in our book To a Child, Love is Spelled, T-I-M-E. When Lance was a child, Easter was a very exciting time for his siblings and him, but not because of the candy or presents. The Easter Bunny (Lance's father) paid them a very special visit. In the twilight after his family finished their dinner, a loud tap from a giant white paw would sound at the window. The Easter Bunny had arrived! Just as Lance and his siblings reached the empty window, another tap came from the opposite window. They rushed to the sound, to try to catch a glimpse of the bunny, but the most they saw was that white paw. This mayhem continued as the bunny made his way to all the windows, and ended when Lance's father came in from the garage, where he was "working on the radio". The children regaled him with their sighting of the Easter Bunny, and how that was the most exciting part of the night.

    Lance continues this tradition, being the evasive and playful Easter Bunny (and Santa Claus) to his children. As he writes in our book:

    That holiday tradition belongs to our family alone. I've never met another person who has had the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus personally bang on their windows. But I'll bet that when my children have children, that happy scene will be repeated again and again.Here's the point. Laugh and play together. Create family traditions that are all your own, even if the neighbors look out their windows and think you've lost your mind as you race around your house pounding on windows in the dark. Our family traditions reminded me that we belonged to each other, that our family really was our family. No other family had the distinct honor or fun that our family had on these holidays.

    Lance became one of the "Wild Things" for his children and passed down a sense of tradition and fun that will stay with his family for years to come. Whether you are passing down a favorite book from your childhood or a fun family tradition, your kids will be shaped by those cherished times together. When you take the time to encourage imagination in children and show them they matter, you are investing in the most important market of all. Your bank account won't make a difference to the world after you're gone, but the children you impact will grow up to affect the world around them for better or worse. Make it a priority to have a positive impact on the children in your life.

    How have you been making a difference in children's lives? Do you have a favorite childhood book you've been able to pass down? Which family traditions have you passed down to your children?

    Inspirational Guest: Third Generation Courage

    October 23, 2009 2227 Views

    Kathy O'LearyWe welcome our newest inspirational guest author, Kathy O'Leary! Thank you, Kathy, for your submission to your blog.

    Kathy was born and raised in Chicago and considers herself to be the "ultimate city girl". She received her education at DePaul University and The Institute of Broadcast Arts. Kathy began her career in broadcasting and moved into event planning and production. She then tweaked her career path a bit and moved to the "hotel" side of the hospitality business. She is a new author with a book due out very soon. Kathy's life-mantra is to squeeze the joy of every second of each and every day, treat everyone kindly and smile.

    This recession, and all it implies, has taken our already overstressed population and added new layers of concern, fright and even panic. I've had many restless nights and interrupted sleep thinking about all of the "what if's."

    It's during these times I remember I have come from a family of very emotionally strong women. My maternal grandparents ran a farm in Wisconsin. My grandmother gave birth to 16 children. Two of them died within their first year but she still had 14 children to raise. Shortly after Granny gave birth to her last child, my Grandfather took ill and died. There she was with all of those children (some of them just babies) to raise and a very big farm to run. Talk about pressure and stress. Granny displayed lovely courage throughout it all.

    My mother, as one of those 14 children, did not have a "cushy" life. She and her siblings had their chores to do before school and after school and there was no negotiation about this. Granny had to be extremely strict to keep things running, to keep their livelihood going. However, mom had a wonderful life with my dad and after his passing, we made certain we included her in everything. We had a lot of fun with my mom until one day 8 years ago, things changed. Mom began a long battle with heart problems, kidney problems and heartbreaking lung problems. She fought her battle with dignity while always remaining a lady. Being with her every day, I witnessed first hand how she struggled to breathe and how very difficult those last months were. I realized that I was not only watching my mother die but watching her displaying lovely courage.

    Now as I struggle to maintain and keep abreast during these most difficult times I am reminded of these two beautiful steel magnolias and how they displayed lovely courage. Remembering this gives me the strength that I need. When you have those frightening recession feelings, think back on those family members of yours that displayed beautiful courage and find your strength. Take your family's courage to the next generation.

    I hope you liked this article and found inspiration in Kathy's words. Think about your own family's story... what values were passed down to you? What values will you pass to your children?

    Introducing... Framed Inspiration!

    October 21, 2009 2210 Views

    At Simple Truths, our goal is provide you with inspiration and motivation you can go back to day after day. Today, we just released a new line of products to do that. Our fresh-off-the-press products are called Framed Inspiration. These 5"x7" framed prints make great desk decorations for yourself and thoughtful gifts for family, friends, and coworkers. Our Framed Inspiration pieces feature a photograph from our collection of breathtaking pictures, and a quote to put you in the right mindset. Here are a few samples for your viewing pleasure:

    I hope that you enjoyed the quick look at our new line. Click here if you would like to see the whole collection. After you look through the collection, which one is your favorite? If you were to create your own "custom" Framed Inspiration, which picture and quote would you use?

    Need Help? Call: 1-800-900-3427

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